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Technical preparations

cd /root/bugzilla-work-dzahn/

wget http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/webtools/bugzilla-4.4.1.tar.gz

tar zfxv bugzilla-4.4.1.tar.gz
cd /srv/org/wikimedia/

 rsync -avp /srv/org/wikimedia/bugzilla/ /root/bugzilla-work-dzahn/bugzilla-4.2.7-prod-orig/

 cp -r /root/bugzilla-work-dzahn/bugzilla-4.4.1 .

 cd bugzilla-4.4.1/

 cp ../bugzilla/localconfig* .

 cp -r ../bugzilla/data .

 mv bugzilla bugzilla.old

 ln -s bugzilla-4.4.1 bugzilla

slightly modified but mostly exactly per:
http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/4.4/en/html/upgrade.html Upgrading using the tarball


run checksetup.pl

starts to update database tables ... lots of output

Adding a new user setting called 'requestee_cc'
Adding a new user setting called 'bugmail_new_prefix'

checksetup.pl complete.


 first had a problem at this point,
 resulted in bugzilla being a directory with just localconfig and nothing else after checksetup.pl

 did not bother about following symlink problems , instead  just changed it to "mv bugzilla-4.4.1 bugzilla" as mozilla also suggests it.

the we had an apache error like:
/srv/org/wikimedia/bugzilla/.htaccess: Options not allowed here

this is the .htaccess created by checksetup.pl

i commented out the #Options -Indexes

and now we can see:

version 4.4.1  on zirconium


  1. after this we applied all our modifications from the modifications repo using rsync , details on Bug_management/modifications.
  2. after this we applied the following 10 pending patches for 4.4 manually (without merging them) on the test installation










  1. then we deleted this file to enable MoreBugUrl: /srv/org/wikimedia/bugzilla/extensions/MoreBugUrl# rm disabled


  1. then we deleted this file to enable voting: /srv/org/wikimedia/bugzilla/extensions/Voting# rm disabled
  1. as the patch deletes our custom Bugzilla/BugUrl.pm (which should NOT be in Gerrit), put the upstream version of Bugzilla/BugUrl.pm on the server
  1. we also deleted extensions/Sitemap because it caused problems



Avoid 404 for the "Weekly Bug Summary" link in the sidebar:

cd /srv/org/wikimedia/bugzilla/

ln -s extensions/WeeklyReport/weekly-bug-summary.cgi .

ln -s extensions/WeeklyReport/component-report.cgi .

Fix issues with cronjobs

Bugzilla UI actions

<div id="message">bugzilla.wikimedia.org will be <b>unavailable</b> due to maintenance work on <b>Wednesday, February 12th from 
<a href="http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html">22:00 UTC</a> until max. Thursday, February 13th 
01:00 UTC</b> (Feb 12th 14:00PST until max. 17:00PST).</div>


  • Need to inform Chad to switch of the Gerrit notification bot for Bugzilla as it cannot connect
  • (One-time issue:) "Bugzilla weekly report" to wikitech-l broke due to DB connection issues: bugzilla:61453