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Project Name wlm-it-visual

WLM IT Data Visualization (backend API)


This is the backend API for Wiki Loves Monuments Italy - Data Visualization 2022.


Anticipated traffic level

0-50 hits per day

Anticipated time span

1-3 years

Project status

not started yet

Contact address

or directly to volunteer sysadmin User:Valerio Bozzolan

Willing to take contributors or not

not willing

Subject area narrow or broad



  1. - HTTPs endpoint handled by Wikimedia Foundation acting as SSL frontend (Help:Using a web proxy to reach Cloud VPS servers from the internet) - requests are proxed to our server on port 80
  2. localhost:80 - Apache HTTPd acting as an HTTP frontend (for example to display nice error messages when Docker is down - requests are proxed to our server on port 8080
  3. localhost:8080 - expected Docker running

Internal information

Server access

First read Help:Accessing Cloud VPS instances. Then enter in the server with SSH:


Filesystem info

/: 20G
/srv: 75G

Unix app users

uid=1001(wlm-it-app) gid=1004(wlm-it-app) groups=1004(wlm-it-app)

Source code

Temporary repository:

TODO: Move to GitLab (

Edit documentation

Server admin log


  • 17:42 valerio-bozzolan: remove rule about incoming :443 in security group 'web' since it's unuseful
  • 17:42 valerio-bozzolan: add apache2 on :80 proxing to :8080 to be able to display nice error messages if Docker dies
  • 11:05 valerio-bozzolan: attach 'web' security group to instance 'wlmitvisual01' (thanks <taavi>)
  • 10:29 valerio-bozzolan: add web proxy from hostname to backend :80 (but error HTTP 504)
  • 10:06 valerio-bozzolan: add security groups for 80 and 443


  • 15:00 Lucas_WMDE: <bozzy> authorized maurobianchi as user