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  • 12:17 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-misc deleted proxy, I suspect it’s been broken since at least October 2019


  • 11:52 Lucas_WMDE: fedprops-euspecies deleted unused instance


  • 14:20 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile configured mediawiki-runJobs.service to restart itself frequently to pick up LocalSettings.php changes


  • 16:31 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile created instance, installed MediaWiki (using in-VM MariaDB, not the cool new Cloud VPS database thing)
  • 15:40 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile deleted instance
  • 12:47 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile Edited the mediawiki user’s crontab to disable all automatic updates (T287459, T286292)


  • 15:00 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: ran `git gc --prune=now` in mw and wb and switched WikibaseReconcileEdit back to main


  • 10:22 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: fixed the Ansible setup; added proxy
  • 09:53 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: installed MediaWiki + WikibaseReconcileEdit with Ansible; no HTTP server running yet AFAICT
  • 09:44 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: created instance


  • 16:19 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: deleted instance again
  • 16:07 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: recreated instance
  • 15:45 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: deleted instance, waiting a bit before recreating it again
  • 15:42 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: deleted and recreated instance, I couldn’t ssh into the rebuilt one
  • 15:34 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: rebuild instance (ansible setup worked reasonably well but installed a query service which required lots of RAM and was presumably the cause for kswapd0 using 99.9% CPU; try again without blazegraph)
  • 08:49 Lucas_WMDE: wb-reconcile: created instance


  • 18:33 andrewbogott: truncating /var/lib/docker/containers/00a5169f547721a9e3dd2efa59141be77c923921de3274d15fbd55f40e504f90/00a5169f547721a9e3dd2efa59141be77c923921de3274d15fbd55f40e504f90-json.log on ffedprops-opennext; that file was as big as the whole hard drive


  • 14:15 addshore: ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit fedprops-opennext.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs # T259782
  • 14:15 addshore: ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit fedprops-euspecies.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs # T259782
  • 10:52 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-federated-properties `ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit wikidata-federated-properties.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs` (relog with T259782)
  • 10:50 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-federated-properties `ansible-playbook fedProps.yml --limit wikidata-federated-properties.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs`


  • 15:27 Lucas_WMDE: queripulator change queripulator-update.timer to weekly


  • 10:14 Lucas_WMDE: queripulator deployed queripulator in /srv/queripulator, auto-updating through systemd timer
  • 09:46 Lucas_WMDE: queripulator sudo apt install nodejs npm


  • 02:22 andrewbogott: rebooting wikidata-lexeme-lua to resolve hangs associated with an old NFS failure


  • 19:47 Amir1: hard reboot of wikidata-misc to test recovering from crashes T235069


  • 12:27 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua installed UniversalLanguageSelector and cldr extensions


  • 17:35 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua added short URL setup
  • 17:19 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua installed MediaWiki, Wikibase{,Lexeme}, Scribunto manually
  • 16:59 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua created proxy
  • 16:32 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua deleted proxy, looks like docker-compose won’t work out
  • 15:53 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua created proxy
  • 15:53 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua set up wikibase-docker
  • 15:51 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme delete proxy # T213913 (now with 100% more correct instance name)
  • 15:51 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lelxeme delete proxy # T213913
  • 15:47 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua sudo apt install docker{.io,-compose} git
  • 15:37 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua recreated instance using m1.large for more RAM
  • 15:31 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme-lua created instance


  • 18:24 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex deleted instance (T234313)


  • 15:38 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex deleted proxy (T234313)
  • 15:22 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex add 'WikibaseSchema' => 'JsonContextHandler' to $wgContentHandlers so the wiki can be exported for T234313 without encountering “unknown content model” errors
  • 11:23 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints deleted instance (T234312)


  • 18:13 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints deleted proxy (T234312)


  • 13:04 Lucas_WMDE: federated-wikis2 instance deleted (T229411)
  • 12:55 Lucas_WMDE: federated-wikis instance deleted (T229411)


  • 14:01 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm set tmpItemTermsTwoMillionMigrationStage to MIGRATION_WRITE_BOTH
  • 13:54 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm updated core to e516669a9e and Wikibase to 4a32bd435d


  • 17:35 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225312 deleted instance (test over)
  • 17:21 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225312 sudo a2ensite 50-wikiba-se.conf
  • 17:15 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225312 added proxy
  • 17:07 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-test-T225312 created instance
  • 17:06 Lucas_WMDE: set default hiera config for role::wikibase prefix (T225312)
  • 17:06 Lucas_WMDE: set default hiera config for role::wikibase prefix
  • 17:05 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225307 deleted instance, no longer needed for testing T225312
  • 16:59 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225307 edited hiera config and rebooted (investigating T225312)
  • 16:50 Lucas_WMDE: other-test-T225307 deleted instance (no longer needed for T225312)
  • 16:36 Lucas_WMDE: other-test-T225307 testing T225307 with an instance whose name does not start with wikibase-
  • 16:35 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-test-T225307 testing T225307 with an instance whose name starts with wikibase-
  • 10:30 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-mud deleted instance (SSH didn’t work, we found another server we could use)
  • 09:35 Lucas_WMDE: wikibase-mud created instance
  • 09:30 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-mud created instance


  • 15:38 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm sudo apt install php-sqlite3 # for tests
  • 15:37 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm sudo apt install sqlite # for tests
  • 15:36 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm ./composer.phar install --dev
  • 10:51 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm update Wikibase to 2d4dc22a57
  • 10:11 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm update core to dfe30d5118
  • 10:08 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm sudo apt install zip unzip # needed for composer update


  • 13:32 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm set up /etc/profile.d/ so that the default umask allows group-write, so different users can work with the /srv/mediawiki/html git repo without problems
  • 13:28 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm unset tmpTermStoreMigrationStage and tmpPropertyTermsMigrationStage
  • 13:24 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm update Wikibase to 79e8e62359 (I37b09764f5 PS5)
  • 13:02 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm set tmpTermStoreMigrationStage and tmpPropertyTermsMigrationStage to MIGRATION_WRITE_NEW
  • 12:56 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm updated core to d061c27f45 and Wikibase to 65656c9b38
  • 12:53 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-new-wbterm sudo find -\( -type d -o -type f -\) -exec chmod g+w {} + # clean up permissions



  • 10:53 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex added namespace alias for Schema (T221945)


  • 13:52 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex sudo systemctl restart apache2
  • 13:41 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex vagrant provision (T221231)
  • 13:40 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex `git pull` in /srv/mediawiki-vagrant, then `vagrant reload` (T221231)


  • 17:09 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex for i in {1..36}; do printf 'Schema:O%d\n' "$i"; done | mwscript purgePage.php --skip-exists-check # purge Schema pages after config change
  • 17:08 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex add packages/shex-webapp/ in wgWBSchemaShExSimpleUrl
  • 17:07 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex for i in {1..36}; do printf 'Schema:O%d\n' "$i"; done | mwscript purgePage.php --skip-exists-check # purge Schema pages after config change (T218886)
  • 17:05 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex add hideData and textMapIsSparqlQuery to wgWBSchemaShExSimpleUrl (T218886)


  • 12:00 Lucas_WMDE: add alaasarhan as member+admin


  • 18:08 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex for i in {1..26}; do printf 'Schema:O%d\n' "$i"; done | mwscript purgePage.php --skip-exists-check # purge Schema pages after config change (T218886)
  • 18:03 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex mwscript maintenance/purgeList.php --namespace 640 # purge Schema pages after config change (T218886)
  • 18:02 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex add &manifest=[] to $wgWBSchemaShExSimpleUrl (T218886)
  • 17:52 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex mwscript maintenance/purgeList.php --namespace 640 # purge Schema pages after config change (T218886)
  • 17:50 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex add SPARQL endpoint to $wgWBSchemaShExSimpleUrl (T218886)


  • 13:23 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex configured wgWBSchemaShExSimpleUrl (T217331)


  • 14:37 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex installed UniversalLanguageSelector, cldr, Babel


  • 18:04 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex set up ConfirmEdit


  • 12:07 arturo: VM instances wikidata-misc, were stopped briefly due to issue in hypervisor (T215012).


  • 11:12 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex created account for Raz Shuty


  • 18:11 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex set up auto-redirect to HTTPS via common.js
  • 17:20 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex sudo apt remove mosh
  • 17:19 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex sudo apt install mosh
  • 16:40 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex created accounts for Michael_WMDE1, noa_wmde, tarrow, hoo
  • 16:35 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex created account for Lucas_WMDE
  • 16:32 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex created account for Lydia_WMDE


  • 14:25 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-shex enable automatic git updates via systemd timer
  • 14:10 noa_wmde: wikidata-shex changing from github to gerrit


  • 10:53 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints remove WikibaseImport extension (WikibaseQualityConstraints can now import entities by itself)
  • 10:52 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints remove WikibaseQuality extension (no longer required for WikibaseQualityConstraints)
  • 10:51 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints update MediaWiki and extensions to current master


  • 09:59 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints update MediaWiki and extensions to current master


  • 10:25 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme `sudo systemctl stop update-mediawiki.timer`


  • 11:44 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme converted ladsgroup’s cronjob to update MediaWiki into systemd units update-mediawiki.{service,timer}
  • 10:54 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme reboot after upgrade
  • 10:27 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme `sudo do-release-upgrade` (we need a newer PHP version for recent MediaWiki versions)
  • 10:21 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme resurrect lexeme demo system so SMalyshev can test search integration


  • 11:00 Lucas_WMDE: delete elastic-wikidata instance, broken due to MW update (PHP version) and no longer needed according to SMalyshev


  • 11:07 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints update MediaWiki and extensions to current master


  • 15:08 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints update MediaWiki and extensions to current master
  • 13:52 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme disabled cron job to automatically update MediaWiki (crontab of user ladsgroup)
  • 13:42 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-lexeme configured apache to serve a simple “this system is closed” page instead of MediaWiki T195655


  • 14:17 Lucas_WMDE: wikidata-constraints upgraded Debian from Jessie (8) to Stretch (9)


  • 14:13 Amir1: deleted redis-dispatching-client and redis-dispacthing-repo


  • 20:34 mutante: wikibase-vue cant start Apache because docker-proxy is already using port 80
  • 20:32 mutante: fixed puppet runs on wikibase-stretch, wikibase-vue, wikibase with



  • 22:33 mutante: added "Prefix Puppet" wikibase - added role::wikibase to instance wikibase-stretch (TT99531)
  • 22:13 mutante: creating new instance wikibase-stretch (doing stretch right away, existing one was jessie, but oldstable)
  • 21:58 mutante: added myself to project and projectadmins to work on T99531


  • 12:44 Amir1: soft restarting federated-wikis2


  • 18:47 Amir1: shutting down structured-commons instance


  • 21:59 bd808: Disabling role::elasticsearch::cirrus on elastic-wikidata
  • 21:57 bd808: Added some hiera config to elastic-wikidata via Horizon. Still more needed to make role::elasticsearch::cirrus apply cleanly.
  • 21:49 bd808: Added BryanDavis (self) as admin to work on hiera/puppet config issue
  • 21:40 bd808: Puppet broken on elastic-wikidata.wikidata-dev.eqiad.wmflabs: "Could not find data item lvs::configuration::lvs_service_ips in any Hiera data file"


  • 13:38 andrewbogott: deleting shutoff precise instance wikidata-wdq-mm


  • 12:34 Amir1: rebooting redis dispatching instances


  • 21:19 Amir1: apply labs::mediawiki_vagrant roles to redis-dispatching-client and redis-dispatching-repo (T155190)


  • 09:19 jzerebecki: disabled nfs for the project, if you want it you can enable it per host again


  • 17:15 mutante: property-suggester: hostname: Name or service not known, Error 400 on SERVER: Too many open files, LDAP Search failed, SNAFU
  • 17:14 mutante: killed gmond on property-suggester, self hosted puppetmaster (T115330)

May 16

  • 04:08 andrewbogott: stopping instance wikidata-wdq-mm to give its host a bit of breathing room

August 7

  • 07:19 andrewbogott: restarted wikidata-reports as part of an obscure disk-space-saving scheme

June 26

  • 13:14 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 update LocalSettings.php "$wgWBRepoSettings['siteLinkGroups'] = array ('wikipedia', 'wikitravel', 'wikisource');"

June 24

  • 10:11 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 updated crontab to pull "WikibaseDataModel"
  • 10:11 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 installed "WikibaseDataModel" in "/srv/devclient/w/extensions"
  • 10:08 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 installed "WikibaseDataModel" in "/srv/devrepo/w/extensions"

May 8

  • 12:56 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 /srv/devrepo/w/Wikibase "git submodule init && update "

May 2

  • 10:12 aude: update dev system settings to use $wgWBRepoSettings and $wgWBClientSettings

April 17

  • 15:38 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo commented out "$wgWBSettings['entityNamespaces'][CONTENT_MODEL_WIKIBASE_QUERY]" in /var/lib/git/operations/puppet/modules/wikidata_singlenode/templates/wikidata-repo-requires.php
  • 15:37 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-testclient checkout latest Diff and DataValues
  • 15:36 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo checkout latest Diff and DataValues versions

April 16

  • 08:56 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo commented out "$wgWBSettings['entityNamespaces'][CONTENT_MODEL_WIKIBASE_QUERY]" in /srv/mediawiki/wikidata_repo_requires.php

April 8

  • 08:36 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 changed LocalSettings.php "$wgResourceLoaderDebug = true;" to "$wgResourceLoaderDebug = false;"

March 25

  • 15:52 Abraham_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 deleted old temp. test-coverage files

March 18

  • 13:14 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: All Wikidata log files are now in /var/log/wikidata-*.log files. I'm trying to have them managed by logrotated.
  • 11:04 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 Set all logrotate config (except the puppet-managed ones) to daily and rotate 2. Submitted bug 46259 to limit size of dispatchChanges.log (on repo).
  • 09:57 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-testclient: Pulled merged changesets in puppet from gerrit

March 15

  • 14:18 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: I had the same non-responsiveness again that we saw on Wednesday during demo time. Restarting apache helped again, though this time the server was idling around while last time apache was causing high load. Hm....
  • 13:46 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Installed Scribunto extension on dev client

March 14

  • 12:02 Silke_WMDE: puppety-pupp: Deleted obsolete puppet test instance
  • 10:24 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo: disabled AbuseFilter extension in the local puppet files, because it led to error messages when editing lang links. Also: Installed php5-xdebug for a better apache error log.

March 13

  • 14:32 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 Disabled WikibaseSolr so that test properties can be imported again

March 8

  • 17:08 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo: Due to a version problem puppet sometimes refuses to run because it doesn't downgrade. To solve this, remove and then reinstall php5-mysql manually.

March 6

  • 10:50 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Moved devrepo's debug log from /srv/logs/devrepo.log to /var/log/wikidata-devrepo-debug.log. Added cronjob that deletes it once a day.

March 4

  • 11:05 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo: Last week's attempt of puppet to downgrade php5-mysql (that Andrew fixed manually) was back today. Fixed i manually again. Hm...

February 26

  • 16:10 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: reimport of items shows in solr's console output, while reimport of properties fails at second property:ERROR: * Another property (0) already has label "" associated with language code * Another property (0) already has label "" associated with language code Aborted!
  • 16:04 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: threw out solr 4.1, now using solr 3.6 (in /opt). Started from within example folder, copied xml schema from WikibaseSolr extension to Solr example folder
  • 11:19 Silke_WMDE: Created machine puppety-pupp to test puppet refactoring/modules
  • 10:08 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Deleted some log files because of disk space complaints in nagios. Adjusted some logrotate config files (those that are not managed by puppet)

February 20

  • 14:09 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Started to play with WikibaseSolr extension. Solr is in /opt, solarium inside the extension's directory, it's not working.

February 19

  • 16:50 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-testrepo: Installed Babel extension (put it into wikidata.pp and orig/LocalSettings.php manually)

February 15

  • 15:49 Silke_WMDE_: redirected cron spam to myself on all instances

February 11

  • 14:57 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-9: cronjob had stopped to pull core from git because of modified files. Stashed them and pulled manually.

February 4

  • 11:48 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-9: Making cronjob restart memcached every night. Often a simple restart helps to get rid of the lock error message.

January 29

  • 16:11 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-heclient is the official Hebrew demo client (wmf8) until deployment in Jan 30th

January 25

  • 11:13 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-testrepo: turned memcached off again. m(

January 23

  • 18:00 Silke_WMDE: Switched to 2 demo servers generated by puppet. wikidata-dev-8 is no longer used. Instead we now have the instances wikidata-testrepo and wikidata-testclient.

January 21

  • 16:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Memcached errors again earlier today. Restarted memcached manually.

January 15

  • 13:15 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-8: client is still on wmf7, repo has been updated to 2013-01-14. Files WBpollForChanges_testclienten.continue and are now in /var/run and permissions had to be adapted for wikidata user to run pollForChanges. Katie also modified something else, see

January 14

  • 16:20 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: cronjob failed to rebuild localisation cache. This led to failures. Added --force option, seems to work now.

January 10

  • 16:51 AnjaJ_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Added cron job for test coverage CSV generation.
  • 10:02 AnjaJ_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: Installed openjdk-7-jre.

January 9

  • 14:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: preparations for translate extensions: turned on php-apc, moved $wgCacheDirectory from /tmp/mw-cache/devrepo (resp. devclient) to /var/cache/mw-cache/devrepo (resp. devclient). Then installed translate extension.

January 7

  • 12:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: moved items into the main namespace to see if phpunit tests still fail. They do.
  • 11:20 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8: disabled memcached on all three wikis
  • 11:15 Silke_WMDE: I deleted wikidata-dev-3 (our former dev).

January 5

  • 01:50 aude: disable cronjob on wikidata-dev-3

January 4

  • 16:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: disabled memcached again on devrepo and devclient.

January 2

  • 11:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9/wikidata-dev-8: Debugging... When memcached crashes the pid file is not deleted. Cron then can't restart it. Added script /usr/local/bin/ that is executed by cron now.
  • 10:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: disabled memcached again on devrepo and devclient. Error message: "Could not acquire 'devclient:messages:en:status' lock."


  1. 0 /srv/devclient/w/includes/cache/MessageCache.php(702): MessageCache->load('en')
  2. 1 /srv/devclient/w/includes/cache/MessageCache.php(642): MessageCache->getMsgFromNamespace('Gadgets-definit...', 'en')
  3. 2 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Message.php(670): MessageCache->get('gadgets-definit...', true, Object(Language))
  4. 3 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Message.php(543): Message->fetchMessage()
  5. 4 /srv/devclient/w/extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets_body.php(580): Message->exists()
  6. 5 /srv/devclient/w/extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets_body.php(38): Gadget::loadStructuredList()
  7. 6 [internal function]: GadgetHooks::userGetDefaultOptions(Array)
  8. 7 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Hooks.php(255): call_user_func_array('GadgetHooks::us...', Array)
  9. 8 /srv/devclient/w/includes/GlobalFunctions.php(3856): Hooks::run('UserGetDefaultO...', Array)
  10. 9 /srv/devclient/w/includes/User.php(1241): wfRunHooks('UserGetDefaultO...', Array)
  11. 10 /srv/devclient/w/includes/User.php(4156): User::getDefaultOptions()
  12. 11 /srv/devclient/w/includes/User.php(2221): User->loadOptions()
  13. 12 /srv/devclient/w/includes/context/RequestContext.php(284): User->getOption('language')
  14. 13 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Message.php(327): RequestContext->getLanguage()
  15. 14 /srv/devclient/w/includes/context/RequestContext.php(363): Message->setContext(Object(RequestContext))
  16. 15 [internal function]: RequestContext->msg('pagetitle')
  17. 16 /srv/devclient/w/includes/context/ContextSource.php(166): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
  18. 17 /srv/devclient/w/includes/OutputPage.php(834): ContextSource->msg('pagetitle')
  19. 18 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Article.php(557): OutputPage->setPageTitle('Main Page')
  20. 19 /srv/devclient/w/includes/actions/ViewAction.php(37): Article->view()
  21. 20 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Wiki.php(429): ViewAction->show()
  22. 21 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Wiki.php(305): MediaWiki->performAction(Object(Article), Object(Title))
  23. 22 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Wiki.php(555): MediaWiki->performRequest()
  24. 23 /srv/devclient/w/includes/Wiki.php(448): MediaWiki->main()
  25. 24 /srv/devclient/w/index.php(59): MediaWiki->run()
  26. 25 {main}

December 21

  • 15:53 aude: set $wgUseLocalMessageCache = true on devrepo and client, re-enabled memcached on client

December 20

  • 16:40 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: client failed to rebuildLocalisationCache, complained about missing English localisation file. Disabled CentralNotice (which was mentioned in the backtrace), rebuild the cache, then re-enabled CentralNotice. dev repo was not affected.
  • 15:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8/wikidata-dev-9: turned on Logging of LangLinkHandler on all Wikibase clients
  • 11:58 aude: disable memcached on wikidata test repo and clients
  • 04:17 aude: re-enable memcached on test repo + clients, setup CDB file localisation caching
  • 02:29 aude: disable memcached on test-repo, in local settings

December 18

  • 12:50 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8: Turned on profiling on English test client.(Obviously forgot this instance earlier.)
  • 12:45 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8,4,6: rebooted
  • 12:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 Installed package php5-memcached though it would not have come via puppet. See /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/memcached.ini:
  • 10:24 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9 Rebooted. Looking for a memory problem. Tried to increase memory to 512 MB in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini (nts:

December 14

  • 15:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: updated the script that prepare dev for demo time (/usr/local/bin/
  • 14:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8: enabled memcached on test. Cron job is watching it.
  • 13:45 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: dev client is complaining in the web interface "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /srv/devclient/w/includes/parser/Preprocessor_DOM.php on line 1020" <- different files are named here. top shows a high CPU load.
  • 13:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: dev repo and client are now using a mysql user called wikidata.

December 13

  • 17:30 Silke_WMDE wikidata-dev-1: Created new instance exclusively for memcached.

December 11

  • 18:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: It ran out of memory because there were unreasonaly high values in the resource section of /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini. The question is how they got there...
  • 16:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: rebooted that one because it ran out of memory. Have to find out why.
  • 16:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-8: This one is now replacing the public demo system (formerly wikidata-dev-2). it's an Ubuntu Precise. Wikis are in /srv as well as files with mysql credentials for all three instances (testrepo, testclient-en and testclient-he). System user wikidata is running pollForChanges from her crontab. root's crontab only truncates the profiling db table once a night. No experimental features enabled.

December 10

  • 11:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: dev-client: disabled GlobalBlocking extensions as it led to db errors.

December 6

  • 16:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2/wikidata-dev-9: disabled memcached in all wikis, it's unreliable and it is not used by Jenkins tests. We decided not to spend time on this right now.

December 5

  • 17:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2/wikidata-dev-9: monitoring memcached in crontab
  • 17:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2/wikidata-dev-9: enabled Profiling in all four mediawiki instances. Set the max_connections for mysql to 500 because of "too many connections" error on dev-9

December 4

  • 12:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Enabled memcached for test clients and repo
  • 17:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-9: This is our new internal dev server, it is NOT installed from puppet, but manually. :( Install paths: /srv/devrepo/w and /srv/devclient/w. For the mysql root password see LocalSettings.php

November 30

  • Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: tried to dist-upgrade, which failed, let's forget about this instance...
  • 12:43 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: ran aptitude safe-upgrade and rebooted. Everything worked here.
  • 10:45 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: Server wanted reboot, but at first did not reboot. After ~15 min. it somehow fixed itself.

November 29

  • wikidata-dev-3 Added more debug settings on dev repo and dev client: $wgShowSQLErrors = true; $wgShowDBErrorBacktrace = true; $wgDevelopmentWarnings = true;
  • wikidata-dev-3 Changes in config: require_once( "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/lib/WikibaseLib.php"); is no longer needed
  • wikidata-dev-3 using experimental branch on both repo and client: require_once( "$IP/extensions/Wikibase/client/WikibaseClient.experimental.php");
  • wikidata-dev-3 on devclient: added config line $wgWBSettings['repoDatabase'] = "dev_repo"; for upcoming changes

November 21

  • wikidata-dev-2 and wikidata-dev-3: Had to turn on $wgResourceLoaderDebug = true; after demo time because javascript didn't work otherwise. (Turned this off on dev-3 on Nov 22nd.)

November 16

  • 07:50 aude: wikidata-dev-2: Set ULS to commit 8d5307852a2d25d327063fdcc630c52a83f99815 as master is buggy and JS not working.
  • 07:30 aude: deleted a bunch of spam on test repo that's being inserted into item descriptions. wrote a simple script to do this in a batch. [1]

November 14

  • 18:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Updated test repo and both clients. Load balancer settings required a change of mysql bind address. Is now, connecting from outside is not working.
  • 14:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: truncate wb_changes table in repo db because of a breaking change.

November 9

  • 15:50 wikidata-dev-2: Silke_WMDE: put the db credentials for all 3 wikis into a different folder. Resetted English client/recent changes: The Helium site's language links all pointed to Hassium. Replication that didn't work this morning is working again for both clients. (Just a note: The Hebrew client is sometimes giving this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/ on line 198 We haven't figured out yet why.)

November 8

November 7

  • evening Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Updated test server. Ran into db problems that might be related to #41112.

November 6

  • 14:51 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: restarted apache because of the ages you had to wait on test-client

November 1

  • 15:17 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2/wikidata-dev-3: added bash script /usr/local/bin/ that can automate deletion and reimport of test data (chemical elements), and git pull for MW core and all extensions.
  • 13:30 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: ULS extension had lost it's branch and was accidentically skipped during yesterday's update. Updated it manually.

October 31

  • 17:36 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: Updated repo, English and Hebrew clients with latest code, #41112 seems to work now.
  • 11:10 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Implemented new ChangesDatabase settings on test clients (en & he), but it doesn't work properly. We suppose this is due to old code (two weeks since last update) and will see if it works after today's demo time.

October 30

  • 17:22 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: #41112: Use new ChangesDatabase Setting on test -> implemented on dev, working.

October 24

October 23

  • 08:19 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev4: installed puppetmaster::self to prepare a Wikidata installation from puppet

October 18

  • 11:20 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: added system user wikidata which now runs the pollForChanges script and logs to /var/log/wikidata-<language>-replication.log
  • 10:46 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: updated demo repo and clients to git tag 2012-10-17

October 17

  • 10:31 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Disabled E3Experiments extension in the test client because it contained a new signup page that did not display captchas and thus prevented account creation.

October 16

  • 13:02 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: installed Solr 3.6.1 for test purposes (in /mnt/apache-solr...)
  • 09:05 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Updated all extensions on the test client (except for Wikibase, Diff, Data Values) due to problems with APISandbox extension.

October 15

  • 15:44 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3 corrected crontab entry for html validation

October 12

  • 13:05 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: Modified apache conf for test-repo to rewrite URLs (#40389)

October 11

  • 16:18 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: allowed wikidata system user to log to a file
  • 14:47 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: added html validation to crontab
  • 14:46 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev3: forgot to log yesterday: also switched branch from Wikidata to master.
  • 14:36 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: switched from Wikidata branch to master branch, updated public demo repo, English and Hebrew clients
  • 12:39 aude: add repoBase and repoApi test client settings

October 8

  • 10:33 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: increased php memory limit from 128 to 512M.

October 5

  • 18:22 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: separated apache log files for English and Hebrew test clients
  • 17:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: tried to configure ConfirmEdit in a way that external links in the user NS trigger a captcha - which doesn't seem to be possible.
  • 14:30 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: installed package python-imaging for better captcha
  • 09:35 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: is up and running again with editing / account creation restrictions and a fresh database. Note to self: When installing: git clone MW core, then set up MW in browser, THEN git clone the extensions (and not before!). Otherwise the Wikidata extension might not be seen during MW installation, afterwards no import of items possible.

October 4

  • 17:38 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: dev repo is not working after a complete reinstall with new database. :(

October 3

  • 21:31 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: Played with a wikidata user which is not finished yet but should break anything.

September 28

  • 12:00 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: Modified /etc/apache2/sites-available/ to solve bug Bug 40389 - Set up and test the pretty URLs for Wikidata

September 27

  • 15:43 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: Installed the Dismissable site notice extension on test repo.
  • 15:30 Silke_WMDE_: wikidata-dev-2: updated test system from git

September 26

  • 15:17 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: Did some modifications on the script for demo preparation

September 25

  • 13:05 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: installed security updates
  • 12:54 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: installed installed SpamBlacklist and ConfirmEdit extensions

September 24

  • 14:52 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: included DataValues extension that is now required for Wikibase lib to work. Extension is pulled from git every 20 minutes like the rest on dev.
  • 14:50 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2/wikidata-dev-3: modified crontab. Since pollForChanges script can only run once now, wrapper script to check this is no longer required.
  • 14:12 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3 installed security updates
  • 14:11 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-3: deleted and reimported all test data, manually truncated the four 'wb' dev_client database tables
  • 12:13 Silke_WMDE: wikidata-dev-2: deleted and reimported all data to get rid of a database error

September 18

  • 09:31 aude: install sitematrix extension (dev + test)

September 14th

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-3: added bash script /usr/local/bin/ Purges and reimports test data before demo time. Script currrently imports 5 chemical elements which still takes almost an hour because the importInterlang script is slow. (Tested to run it via cron which is not yet working.)
  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2 and wikidata-dev-3: purged unconfigured extensions on test client (CentralAuth, Math, TrustedXFF)

September 13th

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: updated test repo and clients (en/he).

August 29th 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-3 / wikidata-dev-2: Change concerning the pollForChanges.php script: Start this script with the command "". A cronjob now checks every 3 min if the process is running, if not, it will restart it. pollForChanges now logs to /var/log/wikidata-replication.log, added to logrotate.

August 23rd 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: purged db because of complaints that everything people try to create already existed. Reimport of chemical elements.
  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: updated test repo and clients (en/he), gave proper names to the separate screen sessions for pollForChanges -> run screen -list
  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2 and wikidata-dev-3: aptitude safe-upgrade with an error concerning php5enmod while updating the package php5-memcached -> doesn't seem to matter right now, but needs fixing.

August 22nd 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-3: installed the ApiSandbox extension on dev repo.

August 16th 2012

August 16th 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: updated test repo and client after demo time.

August 15th 2012

  • johlig: wikidata-dev-3: updated LocalSettings.php for client fot ULS language switcher to work (cache directory needs to be defined and writeable to web server).

August 14th 2012

  • smeyer/johlig: wikidata-dev-3 and wikidata-dev-2: installed all extensions from the English and Hungarian Wikipedias.

August 8th 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: updated test repo and client after demo time. Ran into problems with Diff extension, git cloned the client again, aude dropped a table in mysql db, restarted pollForChanges script, client and repo are in sync again.
  • smeyer/johlig: wikidata-dev-3: deleted all data before demo time

August 2nd 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: Updated the demo client and repo to newest version from git. In repo installed extensions Diff and new StickToThatLanguage (see for instructions).
  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2 and wikidata-dev-3: installed security updates.

July 31th 2012

  • ataherivand: changed git URLs are in sync again on wikidata-dev-3

July 30th 2012

  • ataherivand: (wikidata-dev-3) wikidata-dev-repo + wikidata-dev-client, fixed issue with missing extension. Extension (Diff) was installed into "../w/extensions" for repo and client.

July 26th 2012

  • smeyer/johlig: wikidata-dev-client: After new git pull of the dev-client, the importInterlang.php script doesn't run any more. API errors. John is working on updated versions of this file right now.
  • smeyer/johlig: wikidata-test-repo/wikidata-test-client: Updated the demo server to newest version from git.

July 25th 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-client: client didn't work any more, was unreachable. I turned off the display of the directory index in both wikidata-dev-client and wikidata-dev-repo.

July 19th 2012

  • smeyer: all servers: Rebooting is a very bad idea at the moment! There is some cloud init script that waits for openstack metadata and then times out. Issue has been reported
  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: ran security updates
  • smeyer: just a note: dev-3 has a slightly newer version of mysql (mysql 5.1.62 vs. 5.1.63) since I installed the updates 3 days ago. Update dev-2, too, soon!
  • johlig/smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: updated the Wikidata test system with yesterdays demo version. (With this we got rid of a tinkered version, everything is the usual gut pull version.)
  • ataherivand/johlig/smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: modified logrotate config: general settings, mysql and apache logrotate settings are now: rotate daily and keep 4 days.
  • ataherivand/johlig/smeyer: wikidata-dev-2: mysql config was changed due: moved /var/lib/mysql to /mnt/mysql (/dev/vdb) to free some disk space on /dev/vda

July 17th 2012

  • ataherivand/johlig: wikidata-dev-2: running out of disk space on /dev/vda

July 16th 2012

  • smeyer: wikidata-dev-3: installed security updates for Ubuntu