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Project Name wikibase-registry
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Server admin log


  • 10:12 Lucas_WMDE: (over the past hour) extracted private config and moved infrastructure into Git T287586


  • 16:18 wm-bot: ` sudo docker restart 873f4b18478d` Restarting wikibase-registry_wdqs-frontend_1 to hopefully fix all wdqs queries being 502
  • 16:17 wm-bot: ` sudo docker restart 6e997bf4a59e` Restarting wikibase-registry_wdqs-proxy_1 to hopefully fix all wdqs queries being 502
  • 16:11 wm-bot: ` sudo docker restart b6f6d2d0dd7a` Restarting wikibase-registry_wdqs-0310_1 to hopefully fix all wdqs queries being 502
  • 14:57 wm-bot: `sud... (more)

High level Overview

1 instance setup using the wikibase docker images & docker compose.


Everything is located in root@wbregistry-01:~/wikibase-registry

To see the state of services docker-compose ps

If you change anything on the setup please do so by updating the docker-compose file and reloading the services.

To restart a service / service container (in its current state) use docker-compose restart wikibase

To restart a service & generate a new container (loading updates) use docker-compose up --no-deps -d wikibase