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Project Name redirects

Redirects is intended to provide HTTP redirects for well known URLs that used to be hosted on Cloud VPS projects but are now running on Toolforge or other Wikimedia servers.

Redirects should not be made to servers that are not under Wikimedia control. Automatically redirecting to external servers without an interstitial warning to the end user is a potential privacy violation.

This service is not needed to handle redirecting to That same name on new domain redirect process is handled automatically by the proxy service when a * proxy exists and a matching * does not exist.

Requesting a new redirect

File a bug report in Phabricator

Creating a new redirect

  1. Use Horizon's Project Puppet tab to edit the Hiera configuration and add the proxied host and new destination to the role::labs::redirector::redirects hash.
    • e.g.
  2. Force a puppet run on redirects-nginx02.redirects.eqiad.wmflabs to create the new vhost.
  3. Use Horizon to delete the proxy from the Cloud VPS project that is giving it up.
  4. Use Horizon to add the proxy to the redirects project with http://redirects-nginx02.redirects.eqiad.wmflabs:80 as the backend.
  5. Test the redirected URL to ensure that it all works.
  6. Profit!
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Server admin log


  • 21:33 bd808: Added proxy (T314677)


  • 17:30 taavi: set up redirects for wcqs-beta T303202


  • 22:12 bd808: Add (T256206)


  • 17:26 bd808: Added proxy for (T236551)


  • 06:10 bd808: Deleted redirects-nginx01 (T236537)
  • 06:08 bd808: Deleted and recreated web proxies to point to redirects-nginx02 (T236537)
  • 05:30 bd808: Bui... (more)