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This project is used for testing changes to the puppet infrastructure it self such as upgrading between major puppet-version. The project normally has some combination of the following

project puppet server.

this is a puppetserver running the current supported software stack and speaking to the cloudinfra puppetmasters and serving the development puppetserver. This allows us to test change to puppetsever code by checking out a change in the code directory of the project puppet server. All other serveres in this project will normally have there puppetserver set to the development puppetserver

Development puppetserver

This is a puppet server that is used to test development changes to puppetserver. It should be configured to match, as closely as possible the production puppet servers.

Puppetdb server

This is a puppetdb server that is used by the development puppetserver and puppetboard. It is used both to more closley replicate production but can also be used for testing production changes

Puppetboard server

This is a puppetboard server that is used by the development environment. It can be used to both monitor the puppet-dev project and also to test puppetboard changes and upgrades


The project will likely have at least one agent connected to the development puppet server running just the basic puppet profile. This is useful for testing things like onboarding an agent.


A puppet compiler server this is the sam as the main development puppet server accept for the fact that it wont run the CA. this can be used for testing things like failovers.

Acme Chief

This acts as an puppet server service the acme chief resources


As of writing we have the following servers

puppet-dev servers
Server name Function
project-pm Project puppetserver
pm7 development puppetserver
db7 puppetdb server
puppetboard1001 pupetboard server
agent agnt
compiler1001 compiler
acme-chief1001 Acme Chief server
Project Name puppet-dev

Server admin log


  • 15:38 andrewbogott: deleting all VMs as per discussion on IRC with project admins


  • 08:18 taavi: prune old reports from pm7:/var/lib/puppetserver/reports to free up disk space


  • 08:53 wm-bot2: Increased quotas by 16384 ram (T334695) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus
  • 08:51 wm-bot2: Increased quotas by 9 cores, 1 instances, 16 ram (T334695) - cookbook ran by dcaro@vulcanus


  • 13:26 arturo: project creation per T281277