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Resource Type project
Project Name mwoffliner
Monitoring nagf



Create, one time a month, ZIM files (snapshots for offline usage) of all our projects.


Create, one time a month, ZIM files (snapshots for offline usage) of all our projects.

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Project status

currently running

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This farm of VMs runs:

  • mwoffliner, a Node.js software able to make a snapshot of a Mediawiki instance on the local filesystem.
  • zimwriterfs, a c++ coded binary, responsible for transforming a local directory with HTML content in a highly compressed ZIM file
  • rsync as a daemon, to allow Kiwix mirror master to download the created ZIM files.

This VMs strongly rely on Wikimedia projects standart & Parsoid APIs.


The setup procedure of a MWoffliner VM is explain here.


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Server admin log


  • 20:52 andrewbogott: trying to rescue mwoffliner3 which is stuck in ‘reboot’ state

March 3

  • 11:35 YuviPanda: increased public IP quota to 3

February 26

  • 09:41 YuviPanda: increased public ip quota to 2 per request from Kelson

December 11

  • 13:56 YuviPanda: granted quota of 1 public ip

December 1

  • 21:28 YuviPanda: created project with Kelson as projectadmin

Instances for this project

FQDN Instance Type Image Id Public IP Number of CPUs RAM Size Amount of Storage Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Mwoffliner5.mwoffliner.eqiad.wmflabs 8 16,384 300 26 November 2016 11:02:00
Mwoffliner4.mwoffliner.eqiad.wmflabs 8 16,384 300 20 November 2016 18:01:48
Mwoffliner3.mwoffliner.eqiad.wmflabs 4 8,192 80 18 November 2016 19:01:52
Mwoffliner1.mwoffliner.eqiad.wmflabs 8 16,384 160 18 November 2016 19:01:25
Mwoffliner2.mwoffliner.eqiad.wmflabs 8 16,384 160 18 November 2016 19:01:08