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Nova Resource:Google-api-proxy/Documentation

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Google-api-proxy provides a static IP for communication with the Google Custom Search API.


  1. Get the Wikimedia Google API key from Community Tech
  2. Use https://google-api-proxy.wmflabs.org/ instead of https://www.googleapis.com/ when interacting with Google's Custom Search JSON/Atom API.

How it works

https://google-api-proxy.wmflabs.org is a Cloud VPS web proxy pointing at an instance in the google-api-proxy project with a static IP address. The instance is running an Nginx web server configured as a reverse proxy. All HTTP requests sent to this proxy will be relayed to https://www.googleapis.com and the upstream response will be provided back to the requesting client. Details of the Nginx configuration are available in our Puppet repo's role::labs::google_api_proxy module.

API keys using this proxy will need to whitelist the IP address in the Google developer console.

Google OCR for Wikisource uses a similar proxy at https://googlevision-api-proxy.wmflabs.org/ that allows access to the Google Vision API.

Tools using the proxy