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  • 16:16 mutante: it first sounds like "what, but we don't use gitblit anymore" but then.. is still open
  • 16:14 andrewbogott: rebooting 'test' instance as it is unreachable


  • 18:56 andrewbogott: rebooting 'test' instance; unreachable
  • 18:55 andrewbogott: rebooting 'danny' instance; it is unreachable


  • 21:37 mutante: tried creating a new instance to see if it's a race. 'Failed to create instance.'
  • 21:36 mutante: cant ssh to instance 'danny'. we tried rebooting it


  • 19:37 mutante: created instance danny.gitblit.eqiad.wmflabs (to be configured)
  • 19:37 mutante: added Danny_B as project admin