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Project Name cvn



Cloud infrastructure for the Countervandalism Network.

Anticipated traffic level

more than 1000 hits per day

Anticipated time span


Project status

currently running

The Countervandalism Network's primary application is CVNBot. It filters the IRC RecentChanges feed from and outputs it into various #cvn-* channels on Freenode IRC. We also maintain databases of suspicious activity (shared watchlist between users, blacklist of users blocked on one or more wikis etc.).

While CVNBot is the flagship project, the API web service also serves about 50,000 web requests per day (between 300K and 1 million page views per month) and is used by various gadgets and tools.

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Server admin log


  • 17:08 rxy: Flags +AV were set on WB-IRC in #cvn-sw.
  • 09:57 rxy: rxy@cvn-app8:~$ sudo kill $CVNBot21PID


  • 02:00 Krinkle: Deploy CVNBot v4.0 to all cvnbot on cvn-app8
  • 01:46 Krinkle: On cvn-app9, rename 'CVNBot28__' to 'backup_CVNBot28_rxy_20190427'
  • 01:46 Krinkle: On cvn-app9, rename 'CVNBot29__' to 'backup_CVNBot29_rxy_20190427'
  • 01:37 Krinkle: Deploy CVNBot v4.0 to CVNBot23, CVNBot24, CVNBot25, CVNBot26, CVNBot27, CVNBot28, CVNBot29 on cvn-app9
  • 01:33 Krinkle: Deploy CVNBot v4.0 to CVNBot16, CVNBot17, CVNBot19, CVNBot22 on cvn-app9

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