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Resource Type project
Project Name bots
Monitoring nagf


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An obsolete project for creating and running both wiki bots for use on Wikimedia Foundation sites and IRC bots. Use the Tools project instead.

See also: Move your bot to Labs. This project is obsolete, still around while some old stuff lingers. Its death warrant has already been signed. Old documentation now at Obsolete:Bots project documentation.

Server admin log


  • 19:36 addshore: addshore@wm-bot:/mnt/share/wm-bot$ sudo ./
  • 19:35 addshore: cd /mnt/share/wikimedia-bot && sudo git pull (46b014c..a623eae)


  • 11:55 sDrewth: cleaned up and started wmbot


  • 11:41 sDrewth: retarted wm-bot throwing errors and rc hosed

June 20

  • 13:01 sDrewth: restarted wm-bot not receiving recentchanges data

May 20

  • 07:27 petan: test

May 18

  • 09:38 petan: removed all backups for ye... (more)

Instances for this project

FQDN Instance Type Image Id Public IP Number of CPUs RAM Size Amount of Storage Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Botbot.bots.eqiad.wmflabs 1 2,048 20 5 December 2015 01:01:05
Wm-bot.bots.eqiad.wmflabs 1 2,048 20 5 December 2015 00:02:11