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Nova Resource:Account-creation-assistance

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Project Name account-creation-assistance

Account Creation Assistance tool


A test environment for the Account Creation Assistance project on the English Wikipedia


To aid new users to create accounts (adding a human eye to the process when AntiSpoof or TitleBlacklist is hit so we can override if necessary). See WP:ACC for more information.

Anticipated traffic level

approx 5000 web hits per day

Anticipated time span


Project status

currently running

Contact address


Willing to take contributors or not

We're happy to take contributors, but nobody should be added to this project on Wikitech. Send them our way instead.

Subject area narrow or broad


Live server is accounts-appserver6. Database server is accounts-db6.


SSH instructions

Since the development system (accounts-application) is not public-facing, you must use SSH port forwarding to access it. Note that the instructions below assume that you've already loaded your private key for WMFLabs into ssh-agent or Pageant.

From Linux/Unix(-like) systems
  • ssh -AL 8080:accounts-application:80 yourusername@bastion.wmflabs.org
  • Then from within Bastion:
    • ssh -A accounts-application
    • Remember to use the -A flag here, too, so you can git push directly from your development area into the GitHub repository.
From Windows using PuTTY
  1. Open PuTTY. Enter yourusername@bastion.wmflabs.org as the host name to connect to, port 22, connection type SSH.
  2. In the list on the left, open Connection > SSH > Auth
  3. Check Allow agent forwarding
  4. In the list on the left, now open Connection > SSH > Tunnels
  5. Under Add a new forwarded port, enter the following:
    • Source port: 8080
    • Destination: accounts-application:80
    • Select the radio buttons Local and IPv4
  6. Click the Add button, then Open to start the connection
  7. At the bastion bash prompt, type ssh -A accounts-application to SSH into the application server.

Following the directions above, you can now enter localhost:8080 into your browser to access the accounts-application server.

Server admin log


  • 16:10 taavi@cloudcumin1001: END (PASS) - Cookbook wmcs.openstack.migrate_project_to_ovs (exit_code=0)
  • 16:05 taavi@cloudcumin1001: START - Cookbook wmcs.openstack.migrate_project_to_ovs


  • 11:16 dcaro: removing custom mx hosts, as the global names are now resolvable again (T271322)


  • 14:53 dcaro: manually configured mx servers to use wikimedia.cloud domain on project hiera (T271322)


  • 20:35 Izhidez: apache2 restarted
  • 20:33 Izhidez: apache2 shutdown to deal with spam (742 line DB... (more)