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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

This page has been deprecated, please see MobileFrontend

If you are looking for the original WAP-based mobile gateway, look here:

Wikimedia-Mobile is the main gateway for all advanced mobile devices.


The main repository for the application is on GitHub at Wikimedia-Mobile

Please check the README on the above mentioned link to get more information on the application.

Libraries Used

Service Ops

If you need help managing the server, go here: MobileServiceOps


There is only one server currently which handles DB, stats, cache, parsing, and web requests. See Mobile1 for that.

To learn more about the roles these different bits and server use see MobileRoles

Supported Platforms/Languages

We are working hard to strike a good balance with natural growth of the platform and growth of support to new devices and platforms.

If we attempted to support every platform, we would be distracted from adding new features and scaling the platform in a natural way. However, if anyone wants to volunteer to work on adding support for any platform or language, we are more than willing to help with that.

Devices currently supported

  • Palm Pre
  • iPhone
  • Kindle 2
  • Android (G1)

Language Support

You can see all of the languages supported at our Mobile Wikipedia translation project page


The primary developer is Hampton Catlin, but for any server issues, you may also contact Tomaszf or Brion.

Bug Reports

Bugs may be reported in our Bugzilla Project