Lifetime of an issue

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Issues are handled like this:

  1. User mails with the issue. (please, please get them to do this if possible. it provides a central place to contact them)
  2. Someone looks at the issue, and decides if it's a real issue. If it's not (for example, caused by slow site, or user error) send a mail to the user explaining that.
  3. If it is a real, decide if it's a duplicate. If it is, send a mail to the user saying it's a known issue. Use the "issues-Known bug" template, and include the bugzilla URL. Add a note of the new ticket to the existing bug.
  4. If it's not a duplicate, do the following:
    1. Open a new bugzilla in the "Issues" product. Assign it to a particular person if appropriate, otherwise assign it to Please always cc: keturner on the bug.
    2. Add a "Note" to the ticket containing the bugzilla URL
    3. Use the "issues-Bug opened" template to mail the user. Include the URL
    4. Send a mail to issues-l containing a description of the issue and the bugzilla URL.
    5. Fix the problem :-)

when the problem is resolved:

  1. Close the bug
  2. Send a mail to all tickets listed in the bug, using the "issues-Bug fixed" template.
  3. Send a mail to issues-l saying that the bug is fixed.