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Development and deployment

Klaxon's source code is hosted on Gerrit, in the operations/software/klaxon repository. Changes are automatically tested and merged by CI, triggered by a C+2 review. For now,[1][2] merged changes are also automatically deployed to production via git pull on the next Puppet run (i.e., within 30 minutes).

Klaxon runs on the "alerting_host" role (i.e. alert1001/alert2001, where Icinga & Alertmanager run). It runs inside the gunicorn engine, fronted publicly by Apache. gunicorn is automatically restarted on any changes to code or configuration.

Puppet configuration is located at modules/klaxon/manifests and modules/profile/manifests/klaxon.pp

VictorOps integration

Klaxon uses two VictorOps APIs:

API secrets are stored in the private Puppet repository, in hieradata/role/common/alerting_host.yaml.


1.^ https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/g/operations/puppet/+/1b49ba0141b35c3bf253eb93479db572bd8d8c98/modules/klaxon/manifests/init.pp#13
2.^ https://bash.toolforge.org/quip/AU7VTzhg6snAnmqnK_pc