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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a web-based application used to accept and process grants applications requests. See Grants Review app for details.

How do i access it?

Where should i report issues?

Bugs are tracked in phabricator.

Where does it run?

The PHP application is deployed in an Apache vhost on krypton in the eqiad datacenter. SSL termination and front-end cache is provided by the misc varnish cluster. The database is served from db1048.eqiad.wmnet.

Where's the code?

Code is hosted locally in gerrit and git
The application is configured in the operations/puppet repo:
  • modules/iegreview
  • manifests/role/iegreview.pp
  • manifests/misc/deployment.pp
  • templates/varnish/
Usernames and passwords are managed via the passwords::mysql::iegreview class in the private puppet repository.

How is it deployed?

Deployment is managed with Trebuchet from the /srv/deployment/iegreview/iegreview/ directory on the deployment host.

$ ssh deploy1001.eqiad.wmnet
$ cd /srv/deployment/iegreview/iegreview/
$ git deploy start
$ get fetch origin
$ git rebase origin/master
$ git deploy sync

Where are the logs?

Logs are written to mwlog1001 in the /srv/mw-log/iegreview.log file by Udp2log