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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

hwcp was a common shortcut referring to the currently deployed MediaWiki code on application servers. It represents the path /h/w/c/p/ which was a combination of symlinks resolving to /home/wikipedia/common/wmf-deployment/, which resolved to /home/wikipedia/common/php/, which resolved to the current MediaWiki branch (e.g. php-1.17).


The canonical place to author /home/wikipedia was on the deployment server, fenari. It contained

  • /home/wikipedia/logs/ - On fenari, received logs from other servers via MediaWiki UDP logging. Later migrated to fluorine.
  • /home/wikipedia/syslog/
  • /home/wikipedia/common/ - The main directory that is synchronised to application servers using scap-1 (then based on dsh and rsync). It contained multiversion, wmf-config and different copies of MediaWiki in php-{version} directories. As canary, test.wikipedia.org requests were routed to an unpooled application server that mounted /h/w/c directly from fenari over NFS.
  • /home/wikipedia/common/wmf-deployment/ - symlink to the currently primary php-{version} directory (before 2013).
  • /home/wikipedia/common/php/- symlink to the currently primary php-{version} directory (since 2013).

The /home/wikipedia/common/ directory was then synced with rsync using Scap to each of the Apache servers at /usr/local/apache/common. Also known by its shortcut as /a/common/.

In 2014, /usr/local/apache/common was moved to /srv/mediawiki/ (change 159945)