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Help:SSH Fingerprints/gitlab.wikimedia.org

From Wikitech

GitLab has multiple sshds running. You most likely want the first set of fingerprints, if you are trying to push to a Git repository over SSH.

gitlab.wikimedia.org (service ssh-gitlab)
cipher algo fingerprint
ED25519 SHA256 eGFVaGXuc0AkXE4n+SrBbp1Mkul4RAvZPWbVUrZ7sM0
RSA SHA256 hwHUSYaoPvrQGmphy+sCLbfGqiTcSdJ41FmRKIF+wK0
ECDSA SHA256 V1Q7vVIt/XR2yuue3kUa27/+cSwrCm8wLDfBROh8HMs

Sysadmins who are logging into the server directly should look at the invidual server pages:

gitlab1003, gitlab1004, gitlab2002 and gitlab2003. Their fingerprints are linked from there.