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This page serves as a rough translation between informal names (db) and hardware (dell r510). All statements should be verified on specific hardware. Documentation for each type is in the category page in case it's not linked inline.


  • System Role: the generic definition of the hardware class
  • Current Platform: What we are presently using for new purchases of this hardware class
  • Past Platform: What we have used in the past, that is still in active rotation.
System Role Current Platform Past Platform(s)
apache (srv,mw) Dell PowerEdge R410 Dell PowerEdge R610, Dell PowerEdge 1950
caching (sq,cp) Dell PowerEdge R610 Dell PowerEdge 1950
database (db) Dell PowerEdge R510 Sun SunFire X4240, Dell PowerEdge 2950
es Dell PowerEdge R510 + 12 2TB disks Sun SunFire X4500, Sun SunFire X4540
memcached (mc) Dell PowerEdge R610
ms Dell PowerEdge R510 + Dell PowerVault MD1200 Sun SunFire X4500, Sun SunFire X4540
ms-be Dell R720xd or C2100 + 12 or 14 2TB disks
misc Dell PowerEdge R310
high performance misc Dell PowerEdge R610
Search Indexer (searchidx) Dell PowerEdge R610 Sun SunFire X4150
Search Node (search) Dell PowerEdge R410 Sun SunFire X4150