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Fundraising Logging

From Wikitech

The fundraising team utilizes the udp2log data stream to count banner impressions and click throughs.

Currently we have the following files

  • bannerImpressions log
    • 1/1 recording of all banner impressions with extra data tracking added for our mining scripts
  • landingpages log
    • 1/1 recording for a click throughs on banners (generally all traffic on foundation wiki, which is later mined for the appropriate information)

Because of the large size of these files, they are shipped to other storage machines (storage3) for compression and processing, rather than staying on the log machine (locke). They typically stay on the log machine for aggregation for about an hour. This process is controlled by a cron script, and is shipped over via scp (encrypted due to privacy concerns) and is shipped by the dummy user 'file_mover'.

These logs are then post processed by rfaulkner's scripts and fed into a stats portal. Post fundraiser analytics are being compiled and logged at collabwiki as well. Documentation of the mapping of these log requests to analytics are further described in Ryan Faulkner's Style Guide Notes.