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This page describes how we manage settings across the payments cluster.

LocalSettings Repo

This repo contains config files for payments-wiki, CiviCRM, process-control, and SmashPig. Both fr-tech and ops can make changes here. It is kept in git to track changes.

On frpm1002, clone /var/lib/git/localsettings.git to your home directory. When you want to make changes

  • git pull to make sure your copy is up to date
  • edit the files
  • commit the change to git
  • git push
  • use fundraising_code_update to copy the updated settings into your target project's rsync source dir.
    • e.g. if you have pushed an edit to payments-wiki/LocalSettings.php, you must then use fundraising_code_update -p payments-wiki to copy the file to /srv/www/org/wikimedia/payments
  • use rsync_blaster to sync the files from frpm1002 to all the target machines.
    • e.g. rsync_blaster ALL:payments-wiki


SmashPig configuration is divided between a number of files. Global configuration, including queue and database connections, are in /etc/smashpig/main.yaml, and are managed by puppet (only ops can push changes). Provider configuration files are in the localsettings repo under SmashPig/local-config/.

SmashPig settings are shared across all projects that use the SmashPig library as well as the standalone SmashPig IPN listeners and maintenance scripts.