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To see current information on which hosts are assigned to which roles see (frack) puppet/hieradata/hosts.yaml

Role Description
analytics analytics application, data cube scripting - superset, jupyter notebook
auth central authentication - freeradius, mit kerberos
backup backups - log/data archive
banner_logger kafkatee and log storage
bastion ssh bastion
build puppetmaster, apt repo, code propagation, proxy, dhcp/tftp build environment
civicrm civicrm application, queue consumer job runner
frdata donor preferences wiki, donor data delivery
frdb_analytics mariadb analytics data store
frdb_staging mariadb dev/staging database
frmx output mailserver - postfix
fundraising_database mariadb civicrm/drupal database
fundraising_qa application staging server, reporting
logger central logging, log/data archive - rsyslog
monitoring performance metrics - prometheus, grafana
network_security nessus scanner
pay_lvs payments load balancer - pybal/LVS
payments_listener smashpig payment API
payments payments application
queue contribution message and donor prefs messages queues
seim aide/aiderator, audit logger