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Fundraising Server Decommissioning

This procedure is intended to dovetail with Server_Lifecycle and Phabricator Server Decommissioning Request form, but since Fundraising servers are in a separate environment many of the steps on the Phabricator form do not apply.

Server Decommissioning Procedure

  • create a Phabricator task using the Server Decommissioning Request form
  • migrate all activity and data off the server
  • remove the server from monitoring by merging an update to (production) puppet/modules/icinga/templates/nsca_frack.cfg.erb
  • remove the server from (frack) puppet
  • power off the server via management interface
  • remove the server from DNS
  • update Netbox server Status from "active" to "decommissioning"
  • log into cumin and run the appropriate cookbook
sudo secure-cookbook sre.dns.netbox -t <phab task> "Remove host <fqdn> from DNS for decommissioning"
  • update the Phabricator decommissioning task and reassign it according to the form instructions