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See also the Fundraising Translation hub on meta.

Technical process for Fundraising translation updates

This page describes the technical process for getting translation/message changes out to the sites.

DonationInterface messages

There are two different processes for changing DonationInterface messages:

  • English message changes require a code change. Peter or someone in fr-tech can prepare this. It then has to be manually code reviewed, by someone in fr-tech (not the person who originally prepared it)
  • Translations in other languages can be done on by anyone, and are then imported automatically every evening (usually sometime between 1900 and 2200 UTC)

After this, the messages are in the code but "pending deployment" to the sites. There may be many changes deployed at once (possibly including non-translation code changes).

  • Deployments to must be triggered manually by fr-tech. Avoiding Fridays is preferred.
  • Deployments to occur automatically every Tuesday but can be done manually if it's urgent.

Thank you email

  • Make required changes and Peter/Jessica/Thea will mark as ready on meta (m:Fundraising/Translation/Thank you email 20140606)
  • Someone in tech prepares a commit following the instructions on collab
  • Someone else in tech or Peter code reviews
  • Changes are now "pending deployment"
  • Must be manually deployed into production CiviCRM

About once a year, we need to point at a new source letter. This is found in the file crm/modules/thank_you/generators/ThankYou.php, as the $title field. The path provided is used to build a metawiki link to the new letters. Please be explicit about whether we will be deleting old translations that have not yet been translated from the new letter (in this case, we'll be sending English fallback letters using the new text), or whether we should keep the old text.