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Fundraising/Team processes/Tech talks

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2023-11-14 Tuesday Caching in SmashPig

2023-10-10 Wednesday Dallas explains some graphs

2023-08-08 Tuesday Using RectorPHP (https://github.com/rectorphp/rector)

2023-07-25 Tuesday Special Edition Discuss table updates/rotations for T339068

2023-07-11 Tuesday Unit tests in Python and making errors friendlier, reviewing new unit test for contribution tracking in the audit, going over updates to fundraising dev with the new tools container

Offsite - San Francisco

2023-06-20 Special Edition In app Apple Pay

2023-06-20 Tuesday Part 1 - Going over our Amazon integration Part 2 - Looking at redis id mismatch and then back to Amazon

2023-06-07 Wednesday Deploying Central Notice

2023-03-14 Tuesday Putting Dlocal live, looking at civicrm watchdog replacement patches, debugging through Dlocal redirect testing

2023-02-21 https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T327963

2023-02-14 Tuesday How fundraising dev is setup for jobs (silverpop, process control, django banner stats)

2023-02-08 Wednesday

2023-02-07 Tuesday

2023-01-31 Tuesday Begnning: testing watchdog replacement, ipn header testing End: getting fresh to work on docker

2023-01-17 Tuesday First half: Civi logs, acoustic email error Second half: talking about JS load order

2023-01-04 Wednesday

2023-01-03 Tuesday Looking at different chaos board tickets


2022-12-14 Wednesday Looking at dLocal form CSS then looking at why civi import had a no_thank_you of anonymous

2022-12-13 Tuesday Looking at stats

2022-12-07 Wednesday

2022-12-06 Tuesday Looking at what we need to do to move the PayPal orphan rectifier to the pending transaction resolver then looking at why a new docker install was erroring (db permissions/db not there for the damaged table)

2022-11-29 Tuesday Looking at data from banners (first day of en6c)

2022-11-15 Tuesday Looking at RML, watching queue speed during 100% test

2022-11-10 Wednesday Deploying to Civi, looking at monthly convert, looking at new Damaged UI

2022-11-09 Tuesday

2022-11-02 Wednesday What was it on

2022-11-01 Tuesday what was it on

2022-10-26 Wednesday What was this on

2022-10-25 Tuesday I think damaged table into searchkit, confirm

2022-10-19 Wednesday What was it on

2022-10-18 Tuesday What wasit on

2022-10-13 Special Thursday Edition - What was it on

2022-10-11 Tuesday - Chaos Crew questions then walkthrough of Paypal EC moving to Smashpig

2022-10-05 Wednesday What was it on

2022-10-04 Tuesday Chaos Crew questions

2022-09-28 Wedneday What was it on, something civi

2022-09-27 Tuesday What was it on

2022-09-22 Thursday - Special Edition Figuring out why CI wasn't working for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/mediawiki/extensions/DonationInterface/+/832508/

2022-09-21 Wednesday - Discussing how the audit module currently works and code review for https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/wikimedia/fundraising/crm/+/831146

2022-09-20 Tuesday - Civi side of forget me process

2022-09-20 Tuesday - Special Edition - Merging updates from REL1_35 into fundraising/REL1_35

2022-09-14 Wednesday Pending Transaction Resolver for Adyen

2022-09-13 Tuesday Discussing how to refactor the Adyen Audit then talking about the Pending Transaction Resolver for Adyen

2022-9-06 Tuesday First part using apiv4 to find contribution recurs, stopped to not show PII

Second short part, doing a join in apiv4

2022-08-30 Tuesday Editing Civi triggers for recurrings then looking at more recurrings/duplicate tokens

2022-08-24 Wednesday find link

2022-08-23 - Tuesday Looking at Paypal IPNs from Bratinree

2022-08-17 - Wednesday Collecting questions for the Braintree call that happened right after the tech talk

2022-08-16 - Tuesday Looking into ideal no recurring id failmails and hunting for the bug https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T315031

2022-08-03 - Wednesday - Figuring out how to test drush/maintence files for the braintree parser

2022-08-02 - Tuesday - Looking at adding debug to investigate queue delay

2022-07-27 - Wednesday -

2022-07-26 - Tuesday -

Advancement Offsite Dublin

2022-07-13 - Wednesday

2022-07-12 - Tuesday

2022-07-06 - Wednesday - Braintree recurring