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Before on-call duty

  • Review this documentation.
  • Verify your contact info on Office Wiki and Collab, and update if necessary.
  • Verify your ability to log in to external and internal services, including access to 2FA tools required to do so.
  • Update and verify your local dev environment.

During on-call duty

  • Keep your work laptop, Yubikey and 2FA devices with you.
  • Stay in a place with reliable internet, or where you can get to reliable internet quickly.
  • Keep your phone charged, with notifications/ringer volume on.
  • Check e-mail, IRC, Slack and Grafana regularly.
  • Remain relatively lucid.
  • If an emergency occurs and you're not sure what to do, reach out to others.
  • Communicate any actions you take via e-mail, IRC and/or Slack, as appropriate.

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