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Sprint Checkup

Our mid-sprint reviews are used to reflect and focus on what is to be done for the remainder of the sprint. Sometimes we will reprioritize but mostly it is use to refine and make sure we can meet our sprint goal.

This meeting should be succinct and complete within 20-30 minutes.

Checkup Agenda

  • Review the agreed upon sprint goal (in the form of a sprint goal ticket)
  • Reflect and focus on what is in the sprint
    • State the remaining time in the sprint and any upcoming scheduling/vacation/holiday/other issues
    • Review the overall state of the board
    • Is there anything that needs to be moved to a new column? (not always explicitly acked)
    • Is there anything that is blocked?
    • Does anyone need help?
    • Is there anything we know that we can not get accomplished in the remaining sprint time? Remove any tasks from the sprint that are unattainable.
    • Does anyone feel like they are running out of things to do or needs direction?
  • Review the DRI/Chaos Crew board
    • Is there anything that needs feature team eyes?
    • Anything of import that would affect current sprint work?
    • Is there anything that needs cross team work (ops/other)?
    • If needed, prioritize any tasks in the Chaos backlog column.