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Checking damaged messages

  • In CiviCRM, go to /damaged
  • Look at the stuff from this week
  • If the error looks like a database lock, please requeue the message
  • If it's a new type of failure, please create a phab ticket

Following up on incoming failmail

  • Update the Failmail zoo if it's something common
  • File phab tasks with details of what we need to do so it stops failmailing.
  • Email team letting them know it's been documented

Follow up or ack incoming alerts (from payments team or processors) to fr-tech@ mailbox

Log checking

On our centralized logging box, scan through the error logs from today


  • CentralNotice (not for long)
  • CiviCRM
  • Payments-wiki
  • SmashPig

Check on audit incoming directories

  • If they are getting really full, figure out why
  • Either move out stuck files or run in --make-missing mode

Civicrm Upgrades

Docker maintenance and updates task creation

Every 90 days should login to test consoles for all payment gateways to prevent lock account

We have accounts that log us out after a certain amount of inactivity, log into them when you join and leave rotation.