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Fundraising/RFC/Direct Mail Appeal campaign management

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This is a specification for a new feature to allow Fundraising Major Gifts to set up their own Direct Mail appeals.


Several times a year, Major Gifts wants to publish a donate link which causes all donations to be associated with a specific campaign. Currently, the process is to ask FR production to:

  1. Create a special form with a "utm_campaign=" URL parameter
  2. Create a CiviCRM Direct Mail Appeal value for the campaign
  3. Ask FR tech to connect the url parameter with the appeal value, for example

This feature is meant to eliminate the third step, and create a framework which we could build on in the future to potentially make the entire process happen with one form submission.

The FR tech step is to add a case to this switch statement.

Basic requirements

  • Major Gifts is able to link the utm_campaign and Direct Mail Appeal using a self-serve form, which persists the associations in a db table.
  • View which shows existing campaigns.
  • Donate URL including the utm_campaign parameter is generated from a configurable format string and displayed in the campaign editor.
  • Please design so that it would be possible to have multiple utm_campaign parameters associated with one DMA campaign.

I'm open to either a WMF-specific implementation done in wmf_civicrm.module, or a generalized CiviCRM extension which might be useful to others.

Additional development

This stuff is optional and should be negotiated between GR and MG:

  • Related reports, which detail or summarize response to a campaign.
  • Manage Direct Mail Appeal values from within the campaign editor?