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CiviCRM extensions (checked in to drupal/sites/default/civicrm/extensions/ in the CRM repo):

  • civi-data-translate Allows more extensive localization of CiviCRM messages than is possible in Civi core - this is being phased out in favour of the functionality having been moved into core
  • Extended Mailing Stats
  • Email Amender Corrects common errors in domain names in email addresses
  • Deduper Combines multiple contact records for the same person
  • Matching Gifts Retrieves lists of employer matching gift policies with a third party provider. Also exports the list of employers and IDs so that we can use it in front-end forms
  • Monolog Use monolog streams to output logging to e.g. syslog rather than the files written by Civi core.
  • Export Permission Allows us to disable exporting search results for certain user roles
  • CiviToken Provides extra tokens for anything Civi renders from templates
  • Extended Report More report templates
  • Angular Profiles - this was required for Contact layout editor - it is likely we no longer need it
  • Contact Layout Editor GUI for editing contact summary screen
  • Shoreditch theme based on Bootstrap
  • Tutorial
  • Contact Editor Allows changing contact types
  • Data Checks Detects and batch-fixes contact data inconsistencies such as no primary location.
  • Forgetme UI for complying with privacy data deletion requests
  • Wikimedia Geocoder Privacy respecting but imprecise address geocoder that uses a local zip code database
  • Omnimail Integrates with bulk email providers (Acoustic is most fully implemented). Attaches CiviCRM activities to contacts based on email sends from bulk mail providers
  • Relationship Block Shows relationships in contact summary
  • RIP Sets the "No Bulk E-mail (User opt out)" flag on deceased people
  • SmashPig Uses the SmashPig library to make nightly recurring charges for monthly donors
  • Wikimedia System Tools debugging helpers
  • The The Normalizes use of articles in organization names
  • TargetSmart Helper for adding contact data from TargetSmart
  • Unsubscribe Email Dedicated screen to facilitate opting contacts out by email address
  • WMF Fraud reports Helps the payments team review suspicious transactions when deciding whether to capture, reject, or refund.
  • Replay-On-Write Allows using CiviCRM with a Primary+Replica database setup
  • Activity Assignee Settings Limit who can be assigned activities
  • WMF CiviCRM Catchall for our site-specific code which has migrated out of Drupal modules
  • WMF Thank You Uses our twig templates to automatically thank donors for donations. Fast and multilingual, but uses a different template language from the rest of Civi and has no editing UI. Should eventually evolve to use templates from civi-data-translate

Drupal modules (Checked in at drupal/sites/all/modules/ )

See outdated list at

We use the civix utility to generate and update Civi extension boilerplate.