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Fundraising/Data and Integrated Processes/Acoustic Integration

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We export data to acoustic once a day from our CiviCRM database. We also import data back in on a more frequent schedule.

(You may hear Acoustic referred to one of it's many previous brandings - such as Silverpop, WCA, Watson Campaign Automation, IBM ). Our supplier in our relationship is Trilogy and our contact there is Brian Sisolak. Brian is a Phab user and can be added to tasks).

List of Scheduled jobs & api

Accoustic API docs

Job title Job type Job name Frequency API Options used Notes
Get recipient data from Silverpop Import omnimail_recipient_load At every 10th minute. Omnirecipient.load mailing_prefix: sp (prepends 'sp' to mailing_idenfier)

limit :50000 (batch limit)




Throttle is a check to abort if db load is high - based on the number of contributions imported in the specified seconds.
Get mailings from Silverpop Import omnimail_mailing_load At minute 0 and 30 past every hour from 0 through 4 and every hour from 9 through 23. Omnimailing.load mail_provider:Silverpop

Implicitly, start_date:1 week ago

Implicitly, end_date:now

The statistics against the mailings change a little over time as people take a while before they open them (for example). The default job settings load the last week's mailings (over & over again until they age out). We run less frequent jobs to get the last 4 & 8 weeks to pull in any late breaking opens
Get group member data from Silverpop Import omnimail_groupmember_load At every 8th minute past every hour from 7 through 13. Omnigroupmember.load group_id:310 - civicrm group contacts are added to

group_identifier:18468760 - Acoustic group we fetch from

limit :10000 (batch limit)



Fetchs group members from Acoustic and puts them into CiviCRM. The Acoustic group is a search for contact without a contact ID and they are loaded to CiviCRM. We then update the contact ID back to acoustic in our exports and the contact falls out of the group.
Set on hold for emails we know not to be emailable due to bounce types from Silverpop Import actions omnimail_recipient_process_onhold At minute 5 and 35 past every hour from 0 through 4 and every hour from 9 through 23.
Unsubscribe contacts who have oped out in Silverpop from CiviCRM Import actions omnimail_recipient_process_unsubscribes At minute 5 and 35 past every hour from 0 through 4 and every hour from 9 through 23. Omnirecipient.process_unsubscribes mail_provider:Silverpop


Omnimail forget me job delete in Silverpop Forget me omnimail_recipient_process_forgetme At every 7th minute. Omnirecipient.process_forgetme mail_provider:Silverpop Processes requests to forget contacts by sending them to Acoustic
Check forget me Forget me omnimail_check_progress At every 20th minute. OmnimailJobProgress.check version=4 This (v4) api checks to ensure that Acoustic has reported successful completion of any forgetme requests it has been sent. An email is sent to fr-tech if it finds forget me jobs that have not cleared in a reasonable period of time.
Export silverpop_daily At 02:00 Calls silverpop_emails_build_export_files then silverpop_emails_upload_files This is the scheduled daily job
Silverpop emails - Build export files Export silverpop_emails_build_export_files Used ad hoc, not scheduled - Builds and exports the csv to be uploaded
Export silverpop_emails_export_only Used ad hoc, not scheduled - Only builds the silverpop DB & view
Silverpop emails - Upload files Export silverpop_emails_upload_files Used ad hoc, not scheduled - Only exports the files

Exporting data to Acoustic

The export scripts upload 4 separate files to Acoustic which are imported into Acoustic using mappings that Katie H manages within Acoustic. Note that when the files are uploaded Acoustic declares how many 'duplicates' there are. Until early 2020 this number was how many rows duplicated existing DB entries. A change early 2020 means it refers to how many duplicates are in the csv file

The files are

1) DatabaseUpdate-*.csv - this file holds detailed information about contacts who have recently been updated. The update is cumulative - ie. we add/update contacts but don't delete them. We use the field civicrm_contact.modified_date to determine which contacts to include in the update.

2) Unsubscribes-*.csv - used to update the master suppression list.

3) Optout-*.csv - this file is identical to the unsubscribes file. It is used separately from the Acoustic end - updating the main database with opt out information whereas the Unsubscribes csv is used to update the Master Suppression list

4) MatchingGifts-*.csv

Database Update export

This is our main export job. It runs once a day and sends a complete dataset for any contacts within it's upload set. The job only every updates or creates - it NEVER DELETES. Any deleting is done through a separate manual process by Katie.

How the script works

At a high level the script builds a table of contacts who have been modified within the last 7 days (time limit modifiable via offset_in_days config value or -d command-line parameter to update.py script) and then builds out various tables of information about them. It creates a final view to be exported from these tables. The reason for the tables is to store calculated values to keep each query somewhat manageable.

Some notes on the modified_date & it's limits are in this phab.

sql files

The followin files are called by the script

  • update_silverpop_staging.sql - builds the 'world' of contacts modified in the last 7 days
  • update_table.sql - builds the rest of the details about the contacts and generates the final view
DB tables
  • silverpop_update_world - emails connected to contacts update in the last 7 days
  • silverpop_export_staging - key details about each contact
  • silverpop_email_map - mapping of email to the highest email id - used for merging details for contacts with the same email
  • silverpop_export_stat, silverpop_export_latest, silverpop_export_highest, silverpop_endowment_latest, silverpop_endowment_highest , silverpop_has_recur- calculation tables
  • silverpop_export - final collated table of details
  • silverpop_export_view - view formatted for export
  • silverpop_export_view_full - as per the view but not restricted by modified date
  • silverpop_missing_countries - best guess at a contact's country from contribution_tracking (fallback for properly stored country) See phab
  • silverpop_countrylangs - best guess at the language to use based on a hard-coded list of countries to languages (fallback for properly stored language) See phab

Running the script

When running these in production, please do so under screen or tmux, as they take a long time.

screen run-job -j silverpop_daily

This runs a job that then runs:

silverpop_emails_build_export_files which runs though all the SQL and generates the files to upload in /srv/silverpop_export

silverpop_emails_upload_files which uploads the files generated in the silverpop_emails_build_export_files script

Who is included in the update?

The upload set is contacts modifed within the configured date range (currently 7 days).

The upload set EXCLUDES contacts who are calculated to be opted out - this means that for opted out contacts or not-opted int contacts their aggregate details and optout details are not updated - which can be confusing. I can only speculate that the reason for this is to reduce the number of non-emailable contacts in Acoustic. Or perhaps it's just one of those things that seemed like a good idea once. Only updates to the silverpop_export table have this restriction - all other tables should be updated with the latest details for these contacts.

When we export we treat all contact records with the same email address as the same contact and export fields that hold aggregate values. ie. if there are 2 contacts with the email address 'masteroftheuniverse@earth.com' then the exported most recent donation date would be the most recent for either contact. The total donated would be the total across both contacts. This is partly because there was a time we didn't have deduping in CiviCRM at all and partly to compensate for gaps in our deduping efforts.

What is included in the update?

The date for the export is compiled into the view `silverpop_export_view` before being exported into a csv. This lives in the silverpop database on the staging server.

Export fields
Exported Field CiviCRM data source Notes
ContactID civicrm_contact.id
contact_hash civicrm_contact.hash
email civicrm_email.email WHERE is_primary = 1
firstname civicrm_contact.first_name
lastname civicrm_contact.last_name
gender civicrm_contact_gender_id Options mapped to Male|Female|Transgender
country civicrm_address.country_id WHERE is_primary = 1 If empty an attempt will be made to get it from contribution_tracking
state civicrm_address.state_province_id WHERE is_primary = 1
postal_code civicrm_address.postal_code WHERE is_primary = 1
employer_name civicrm_contact.organization_name This is filtered out if not provided by the contact - see notes on matching gifts fields
employer_id civicrm_contact.employer_id This is filtered out if not provided by the contact - see notes on matching gifts fields
IsoLang civicrm_contact.preferred_language First 2 letters - eg. en, es, de. If empty a country lookup table is used
latest_optin_response civicrm.civicrm_value_1_communication_4.opt_in This custom field is exported as 'Yes', 'No' or '' - the blank value indicates the Opt in form has not been presented to them.
TS_birth_date civicrm_contact.birth_date US format - ie '21/05/1980'
TS_charitable_contributions_decile civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.charitable_contributions_decile
TS_disc_income_decile civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.disc_income_decile
TS_estimated_net_worth civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.estimated_net_worth_144 Fields are transformed to show the labels not db values
TS_family_composition civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.family_composition_173 ^^
TS_income_range civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.income_range ^^
TS_occupation civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.occupation_175 ^^
TS_voter_party civicrm_value_1_prospect_5.voter_party ^^
both_funds_donation_count Calculated field based on wmf_donor
both_funds_first_donation_date ^^
both_funds_highest_donation_date ^^
AF_donation_count Number of donations made to WMF (Annual Fund) by the contact
matching_gifts_provider_info_url civicrm_value_matching_gift.provider_info_url The civicrm_value_matching_gift table holds the details for the employer, as accessed from the HEP database. We export the value based on using civicrm_contact.employer id on the individual record.

We only export this field if the donor has provided the employer id to us through the front end form. We don't export it if, for example, we know about the relationship from a Benevity import (in which case they are already a matching gift donor and it would be wrong to send them emails asking them to join the matching gifts programme).

This information is stored in

civicrm_value_relationship_metadata.provided_by_donor - a custom data table that extends the relationship in CiviCRM

matching_gifts_guide_url civicrm_value_matching_gift.guide_url ^^
matching_gifts_online_form_url civicrm_value_matching_gift.online_form_url ^^

CiviCRM Communication Fields
On Contact Record
Field Explanation Example Accoustic
id Contact ID 4498331 ContactID
preferred_communication_method Whether contact prefers email/phone/mail/SMS/Fax(!). We don't really use this field except possibly for high touch (major gifts) contacts email, phone n/a
do_not_email Do not email this contact at any address - there are also separate fields for do_not_phone and do_not_sms
yes/no If true set opted_out at acoustic, if false, ignore
preferred_language What language to use with this contact spanish IsoLang - we export a 2 character code - eg. 'es'
email_greeting_id/email_greeting_custom These fields allow the contact to specify how they want to be greeted in an email, the ids reference a standard set of options or it can be customized. Generally this is used for high touch contacts where we want to be more deliberate in how to address them Dear Space Martian n/a
is_opt_out This is for when the user has opted out of bulk mails - in our DB this would be via SIlverpop or the unsubscribe page ds use. CiviCRM will not permit CiviMails to be sent to users with this flag set. We pass this field to silverpop as 'opted_out' - which is true if is_opt_out OR civicrm_email.on_hold OR do_not_solicit is TRUE yes/no If true set opted_out at acoustic, if false, ignore
On Email Record
Field Explanation Example
on_hold Do not email this address as it has bounced or been undeliverable in the past

- this means either Acoustic our our thank you mailing has registerd a bounce

is_bulk_mailing Can send buik mail here yes/no
is_primary Is this the email address we should use for the contact? yes/no
Field Explanation Example
opt_in Whether a contact has explicitly opted in to our mailing lists yes/no
do_not_solicit Generally entered by Major Gifts yes/no
Known_fraudster yes/no
Employer_Name Wikimedia Foundation

Unsubscribes and opt out export

Acoustic automatically (and non-optionally) excludes 'opted out' and 'suppressed' contacts from mailings. It stores these in 3 places....

  1. Global suppression list - this is a list of emails who have opted out of all emails coming from Acoustic. We cannot see this list as it covers more than just our organization
  2. Master suppression list. This list holds contacts that have opted out directly to Acoustic and contacts who we have uploaded to acoustic as opted out. The list cannot be searched from within the main search criteria screens in Acoustic as it is organisation-wide whereas the other screens only cover 1 db. To get around this we also update....
  3. Opted out setting - this cannot be seen within Acoustic on the contact record but the contact will be missing from search results unless specified on the search screen (see image)

We upload the same contact list to the opt out list and to the main WMF Acoustic DB in 2 separate jobs. This is picked up by 2 separate jobs in Acoustic - 1 adds to the Master Suppression list and the other updates the opt out list. The reason for maintaining these 2 lists is searchabilitity in Acoustic

Who do we opt out?

We opt out email addresses where ANY contact attached to them meets opt out critieria. This means that if 2 contact records exist with the same email address and the older one is qualities as opted out we will opt them out in Acoustic. If these records are subequently merged the merged record should accordlngly be opted out in CiviCRM to reflect the fact that it is opted out in Acoustic. Note that removing an opt out flag from a contact in CiviCRM will not remove the opt out from Acoustic (see the section below on how contacts get opted back in)

Opt out is set f any of the following fields indicating opt_out in any of the contact records sharing the contact name.





Contacts can become opted out by the following ways
  • Filling in a donation form with an opt-in option and not selecting it - the contact record is set to opt_in = 0 on import & on merge the latest is kept
  • An action we import from Silverpop causing them to put on hold - see Recipient data
  • An action we import from Silverpop causing them to be unsubscribed - see Recipient data
  • Donor services manually unsubscribing them based on donor feedback via the Unsubscribe form (our url is civicrm/a/#/email/unsubscribe) - results in is_opt_out being set
  • Major gifts marking them do_not_solicit
  • The donor accessing our unsubscribe form & their desire not to be subscribed being processed through our queue.
How we generate the list

We basically compile a table of every email that has ever existed in our database (from log_civicrm_email) and then remove all the contacts we have previously determined are not opted out and have not declined to be opted in. We also delete all emails associate with civicrm user accounts.

This results in the deliberate suppressing of some emails that we might NOT want to opt out long term such as

  • Non-primary addresses
  • Previous email addresses
  • Addresses dropped during contact merge
  • Addresses that are opted out based on Acoustic suppression that is then lifted (for example they used to suppress all Comcast emails)
  • Addresses that chose not to opt in - but later may do so.
How do opted out contacts get opted in again

It's not clear that they do.

We only send Acoustic updates as to who should be opted out. These are imported to BOTH the master suppression list and the opted out list as per above. There is an occassional manual process by Katie to purge the master suppression list but uploading them to opted_out is relatively new and it does not appear that we have any process to update the opted out setting.

Note that our table (silverpop_excluded) only holds updates - to do a full update we need to run the sql directly in mysql without the restrictive modified date and then run the export only job to regenerate the 2 csvs holding ALL contacts who should be opted out. However, the deletion would also need to be figured out

https://engage4.silverpop.com/lists.do?action=listSummary&listId=9574332 (master suppression list)

https://help.goacoustic.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043348693-Suppression-lists (help link)

https://help.goacoustic.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042858094-Master-suppression-list (help link)

Matching Gifts Export

We have a CiviCRM extension to pull data about corporate matching gift policies from SSBInfo and store it as Organization records with custom fields. These are exported to Acoustic as follows

CiviCRM field Acoustic export field name notes
entity_id employer_id Within CiviCRM this field links the custom data we store for matching gifts for this organisation to the contact record
name_from_matching_gift_db employer_name Name as specified by matching gifts provider
matching_gifts_provider_info_url matching_gifts_provider_info_url Matching gifts provider info URL (for SSB: https://javamatch.matchinggifts.com/search/companyprofile/wikimedia_iframe/<id> from json: online_resources.id)
guide_url guide_url Guide URL
online_form_url online_form_url Online form URL
minimum_gift_matched_usd minimum_gift_matched_usd Minimum (USD) gift matched
match_policy_last_updated match_policy_last_updated Matching gifts info last updated date?

Other matching gift fields

  • Matching gifts provider ID
  • List of subsidiaries in a text blob (JSON? delimited list? what delimiter?)
  • Flag to suppress companies from the frontend dropdown if they come in on the search but turn out to NOT actually match our donations.

Pushing group data to Acoustic

Within Acoustic there are a bunch of contact lists. These lists are set up primarily for the purpose or targetting with mailings. Within CiviCRM we have the functionality to push a group from CiviCRM to Acoustic. This is done using apis in the Omnimail extension:

The output from the Omnicontact.get api can be viewed at https://civicrm.wikimedia.org/civicrm/a/#/omnimail/remote-contact?cid=x where x is the contact ID

The push action can be accessed at /civicrm/a/#/omnimail/groupsync/?id=y where y is the group id. Note that the push action can be done repetitively - it will just try to create it all again but should not fail if it already exists

// Create a list within Acoustic with the same name as CiviCRM group with the id 2
// Note that the acoustic id for this group will be saved to a custom field in CiviCRM
// 'Group_Metadata.remote_group_identifier' (ie group name is Group_Metadata field name 
// is 'remote_group_identifier'). If the remote_group_identifier has already
// been stored this will be returned (no interaction with Acoustic)
drush @wmff cvapi Omnigroup.create version=4 groupID=2

// Add a contact from CiviCRM to the remote groupID
// The group must already exits.
drush @wmff cvapi Omnicontact.create version=4 email=jenny@example.com groupID=2

// The contact can also be retrieved
drush @wmff cvapi Omnicontact.get version=4 email=jenny@example.com
// or 
drush @wmff cvapi Omnicontact.get version=4 contactID=202

// Push from CiviCRM to Acoustic
// This ensures the group has been added to Acoustic and then adds
// the contacts within that group in CiviCRM to Acoustic.
drush @wmff cvapi Omnigroup.push version=4 groupID=2

Importing back from Acoustic

We retrieve the following types of data back into CiviCRM from Acoustic

  • Mailing data - details & content for the emails sent through Acoustic
  • Remind me later contacts - contact details of people recorded as remind me later in Acoustic
  • Recipient data - details about all actions taken regarding the emails (including being send an email, opens, blocks etc)

Mailing data

Mailing data is the details of the emails sent from Acoustic. They only store this information for 450 days so we need to store it in CiviCRM if we want to see what was sent more than 18 months-ish ago. Bringing this data into CiviCRM also allows people dealing with donors to see what emails a donor has been sent.

We retrieve 2 types of data - content and statistics. The former is saved in the table civicrm_mailing and the latter is saved in the table civicrm_mailing_stats.

We store the following data in the civicrm_mailing table:

Field Explanation Example
name The unique name in WCA or WCA reference (the WCA reference is the same value as stored in hash) 20190125_UnitedStates(US)_English(en)_TYCampaign_R2-5-FromGratefulInternet (1)
from_name From name in email Wikimedia Foundation
from_email Email in from address donate@wikimedia.org
replyto_email Reply to email donate@wikimedia.org
subject Subject line Our gift to you
body_text Text version of content Unwrap&nbsp;15&nbsp;gorgeous&nbsp;image......
body_html Html version of content <!DOCTYPE html>....
hash WCA unique mailing reference sp58317985
created_date Date the mailing was created on 2019-01-25 13:35:36
scheduled_date In practice this is the same as the created date 2019-01-25 13:35:36
campaign_id Reference to civicrm_campaign table - The only additional data this table holds is start_date from WCA. I feel like the reasons for using the civicrm_campaign table may no longer be valid - I can't recall or determine what they were but I think it was to do with additional requirements that didn't eventuate - ie. distinguishing between Major gifts mailings & normal ones 97713

And we store additional fields in the table civicrm_mailing_stats - these fields are generally aggregate information as calculated by Acoustic

This table is provided by the extension Extended Mailing Stats . - it also adds the table civicrm_mailing_stats_performance which we don't use. There is double up between this & the civicrm_mailing table on some fields but that is because the schema was

determined by an external extension writer with slightly different needs.

Field Explanation Example
mailing_id Link to civicrm_mailing table 4
mailing_name Mailing name or SP ref 20190125_UnitedStates(US)_English(en)_TYCampaign_R2-5-FromGratefulInternet (1)
created_date Scheduled Date 2019-01-25 13:35:36
start_date Start date 2019-01-25 14:35:36
recipients Number of mails sent for the mailing 4000
delivered Number sent less number bounced 3950
bounced Number bounced 50
opened_total Total number of opens (to the extent email clients make that info available) 2500
opened_unique Number of opens by unique recipients 2000
unsubscribed Number of unsubscribes in response to the mailing 60
suppressed Number of emails that WCA suppressed mailing to due to it's own internal listing of recipients who can receive our emails & have not opted out via them 200
blocked Number of emails blocked by the recipient's provider. Providers such as AOL, gmail may block some or all of the emails based on whitelisting and blacklisting. 90
abuse_complaints Number of users who identified our email as 'spam' or complained to WCA 3


Remind me later contacts

Contacts who are in Silverpop but who do not have a contact_id from CiviCRM are considered to be 'remind me later contacts' - who signed up via silverpop. We retrieve these contacts and from a list at Acoustic based on the criteria of 'has a country and has no contact ID' add them to the group in CiviCRM called 'Silverpop imports' (group id is 310 ). We retrieve the following information about them

- language

- source

- created date

- country

- email

Recipient data

We retrieve information about mailing actions (sending, opening etc) for each contact. This is raw data and contains functional duplication - eg.there will be an 'OPEN' event each time a person opens an email, some mail clients do this over and over as part of some sort of polling.

In addition to importing this information to our database for the purposes of viewing / querying we take action to not email people for some types of events. There are 2 types of actions we take

Put on hold

The api action for this is omnirecipient.process_onhold this finds all email addresses with that email and sets them to on_hold. The update is specific to the email (not the contact) - if we get a new email for the contact the email record will be updated to the new email and on_hold will be removed. On hold is one of the fields involved in calculating opt_out for exporting to Acoustic

This involves the following steps

  • Set civicrm_email.on_hold to 1

The api action for this is omnirecipient.unsubscribe - this unsubscribes the contact which is involves the following steps.

  • add an Unsubscribe activity
  • set civicrm_contact.is_opt_out to 1.
  • We also search for other instances of that email address & set civicrm_email.is_bulk_mail to 0 for them. Setting this is_bulk_email doesn't really affect anything at the moment but we also do is for DS unsubscribes.

This information is stored in the civicrm_mailing_provider_data table with the following fields

Column Used for Notes
contact_identifier Acoustic contact reference This can be appended to this url https://engage4.silverpop.com/searchRecipient.do?action=edit&listId=9644238&recipientId= to find the contact in Acoustic
contact_id CiviCRM contact reference The CiviCRM contact ID is stored in Acoustic against the contact record. If the Acoustic contact does not have a contactId they will be imported into CiviCRM as a 'remind me later' contact - ie a contact who entered our system from an Acoustic form.
mailing_identifier Acoustic Mailing reference This is the internal Acoustic mailing reference. It consists of the prefix 'sp' and the Acoustic reference number. The 'sp' prefix stands for Silverpop and is a convention from the email team (possibly legacy). The reference number can be appended to this url https://engage4.silverpop.com/ux/#/sentMailing/ to view the mailing in Acoustic

It can be used to civicrm_mailing.hash field to get data about the mailing

email Contact email Email that was used for the sending - contact's email may change but this should not.
recipient_action_datetime Timestamp of action Makes up unique key in combination with contact_identifier & mailing_identifier
event_type Action
Type Meaning Our actions
Sent We sent them the mailing
Open They opened the mailing AND we know they did

(not all opens result in an open action)

Click Through They clicked on a link in the mailing
Opt Out Action Unsubscribe
Hard Bounce Put mail on hold
Reply Abuse Action Unsubscribe
Reply Change Address
Reply Mail Block Put mail on hold
Reply Mail Restriction
Reply Other
Soft Bounce
Suppressed Suppressed by WCA based on their own lists - e.g AOL won't accept our emails so all AOL are suppressed Action Unsubscribe
is_civicrm_updated Track whether we have performed an action (e.g unsubscribe) yet


When a contact asks to be forgotten we upload this request to Acoustic. We need to do that once for each of the 'databases' Acoustic holds for us - the list of these is held in a setting within CiviCRM and hard-coded into civicrm.settings.php on production.

Under the hood the following happens

  1. When the forget me action is take on a contact a row is added to the civicrm_omnimail_job_progress table
  2. When the scheduled omnimail_recipient_process_forgetme job runs separate rows in the table are created for each Acoustic 'database' (these can be viewed through search kit - as in this search display or the API explorer
  3. A forget me request is sent for each database
  4. Next run it checks on the status of the forget me request (by querying Acoustic) - if the request has successfully been completed the row is removed
  5. A separate job checks the rows do not stall in the job_progress table and sends fail mail if they do.

The forget me request is technically the same as uploading an email in the UI to be subject to a GDPR erasure request as outlined in goacoustic's docs. Despite the terrifying message it will only deleted the email/s in the uploaded csv.


Note that as of August 10 2003 we are temporarily unable to access the account described in the text below - Brian Sisolak is helping us to sort this out. The temporary work around is to copy the live credentials (from civicrm.settings.php on prod) into our `AcousticCredentials.php` - but ensuring the database id is set to the sandbox one - 42168915.

Acoustic does not supply us with a sandbox system but we have set up a user account and data structure on the live database to work as a sandbox.

The user account is connected to our main fr-tech email. Whenever someone logs in from a new IP an email is sent to fr-tech with a confirm code - if you trigger this please reply to say you initiated it & everyone else should keep an eye on them to make sure they are 'owned'. In addition any chance to change the password will wind up emailing fr-tech.

Within Acoustic the user account can be restricted by folder - it was necessary to create folders like 'sandbox'. 'sandbox-lists' etc all over the place to limit the access. The end result is that only the sandbox folders and some metadata about old emails can be seen when logging in using the sandbox credentials.

Sandbox database id : 42168915

The sandbox credentials are automatically added to new docker installs and reside in /config-private/civicrm/AcousticCredentials.php. They are loaded from the file in /config/civicrm/settings.d in acoustic (which is loaded when civicrm.settings.php is loaded)

To use the api you should access via the VPN - unless you have a static IP in which case it can be added in Acoustic

The same user name & password can be used in the UI at https://login.goacoustic.com/signin

You can confirm the credentials in use with the following drush command:

drush @wmff cvapi Setting.get return=omnimail_credentials

On production you will see the setting declared directly in civicrm.settings.php - looking something like

global $civicrm_setting;
$civicrm_setting['domain']['omnimail_credentials']['Silverpop'] = [
  'username' => 'my-email, 
  'password' => 'my-password',
  'database_id' => [42168915],

Acoustic security & accounts

Access to acoustic for ftp & api access is restricted by IP - ip addresses are inCollab and configured in Acoustic

Running silverpop code locally

On docker builds

This is what works for me.... https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/c/wikimedia/fundraising/tools/+/673176

Pre docker notes

The following notes were writting prior to our docker shift.

To test this locally, you'll need a settings file for silverpop_export. All of the python tools look for settings files in /etc/fundraising, overridden by settings in $HOME/.fundraising/.

So in one of those places, create a silverpop_export.yaml with contents like so:

    disable_existing_loggers: false
    version: 1

            # TODO: You need to replace this with each app's name, until we
            # figure out something better.
            format: "silverpop_export: %(message)s\n"

            class: logging.StreamHandler
            stream: ext://sys.stdout

            # Defaults to sys.stderr
            class: logging.StreamHandler
            level: ERROR

            class: logging.handlers.SysLogHandler
            level: DEBUG
            # The app prefix is required to trigger patterns on the other end
            # of rsyslogd.
            formatter: app_prefixed

            # TODO: Custom rsyslogd configurations will require `address` and
            # `socktype` keys here, for example:
                - localhost
                - 514
            # Magic for socket.SOCK_STREAM, aka. the TCP protocol.
            socktype: 1

    # Note that overriding the root logger is rude.
        # Pass through maximum logging, and let syslog sort it out.
        level: DEBUG
            - syslog
            - console
            - error

# Directory which will stage the working files
working_path: /tmp/

# For archival purposes, how many days of old runs should we keep? 0 means forever.
days_to_keep_files: 1

# Login credentials for the silverpop transfer server
    username: foo
    password: "abc123"

    remote_root: /upload/

    db: civicrm

    db: civicrm

    db: drupal

    host: localhost
    user: "silverpopuser"
    passwd: "pass1234"
    db: silverpop
    debug: true
    charset: "utf8"

Depending on your rsyslogd configuration, you may need to change the handlers/syslog/address key.

The silverpop user should have ALL rights in the silverpop db, and SELECT rights to the other dbs.

cd into your tools folder and test the export like so:

PYTHONPATH=`pwd` python3 silverpop_export/update.py

For most updates, you will be making changes in the silverpop_export/update_table.sql file. Make sure to coordinate with Caitlin Cogdill before deploying anything that will change the output format.


When some part of the SQL script fails with a duplicate primary key, it's usually because CiviCRM has a duplicate employer relationship for one or more contacts. This is a constraint enforced in code, not in the db, so it sometimes fails.

To find duplicate employer IDs:

SELECT max(r.id) AS max_relationship_id,
       min(r.id) AS min_relationship_id,
       contact_id_b AS employer_id,
       max(m.entity_id) AS max_relationship_id_with_metadata,
       contact_id_a AS contact_id
FROM civicrm_relationship r
         INNER JOIN civicrm_contact c ON c.id = contact_id_a AND c.employer_id=r.contact_id_b
         LEFT JOIN civicrm_value_relationship_metadata m ON m.entity_id = r.id
WHERE relationship_type_id = 4
  AND is_active = 1
GROUP BY contact_id_a
HAVING count(*) > 1;

Then to fix them:

DELETE r FROM duperelationships d
  INNER JOIN civicrm_relationship r ON r.id = d.min_relationship_id AND d.max_relationship_id_with_metadata <> r.id;
DELETE r FROM duperelationships d
  INNER JOIN civicrm_relationship r ON r.id = d.max_relationship_id AND d.max_relationship_id_with_metadata <> r.id;