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Fundraising/Cluster/Civicrm staging server

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The staging server is part of fr-techs fundraising cluster. The database on it is manually updated from live every few months. The server is configured for some ticket in code review. The quick and effective to see whether the pr is working.

Deploying to staging

You can pull the commit on to frdev1001. From the gerrit page for your change, click the Download dropdown in the top right, select "anonymous http" in the panel that appears, and copy the second command, labeled "Cherry Pick".

Then on frdev1001, paste it into the staging CiviCRM directory, e.g. cd /srv/org.wikimedia.civicrm

  • then pasted the command copied from gerrit, someething like below

git fetch "https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/a/wikimedia/fundraising/crm/civicrm" refs/changes/24/513024/1 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD

  • After pull the pr from gerrit, run `drush @wmff cvapi system.flush` to flush system cache.
  • After that we can run any drush cmd to do the testing from recent pr for example
  • if want to go to the database, run `drush @wmff cvsqlc`, this can get you go into the staging env mysql as 'dev_civicrm'
  • or run `mysql` will login to basic mysql, run 'use civicrm;' to go inside civicrm;
  • then you can make comparison with the civicrm and the dev_civicrm to see how staging works for the new pr you pulled in.