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Docker a wrapper around virtualisation interfaces including its own libcontainerd and LXC. See Docker (software) on enwiki.



To install Docker on Debian: apt-get install (note it's NOT just "docker", that's an entirely unrelated package)

Browsing images

Building images

For services we recommend using the Deployment pipeline which is Blubber.

For other docker images, like infrastructure images, we manage them differently, see: Kubernetes/Images#Image_building

To just test building a random image a http server without state is a good candidate.

There is a Blubber/Tutorial/HelloWorld that shows how to convert a Blubber file to a Docker file and then build it.

Updating an image

Updating CI docker images

When updating CI images follow the documentation at mw:Continuous integration/Docker MediaWiki. The basic process is:

Deleting an image (from registry)

To delete one or more Docker image tags from the WMF docker registry, you may use the tool docker-registryctl on the current build host. It will do it's best to remove the tags/image from the registry, despite the circumstances.