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Data Platform Engineering

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The infrastructure and services maintained by the Data Platform Engineering team support data producers and consumers in collecting, discovering, and using trustworthy data to derive data insights, conduct research and build new data products.

Documentation for users and administrators of Data Platform systems, including the Data Lake, analytics tools, Event Platform, Metrics Platform, and data pipelines.

List of teams in the Data Platform Engineering group, links to their documentation, and information about team processes, current projects, and roadmaps.

To contact us, please use the intake process.

About the Data Platform Engineering docs

The technical documentation pages for Data Platform Engineering were originally created to reflect team structures that have now evolved. To avoid creating many confusing page redirects, we have opted to leave pages in their current structure on Wikitech, even though the page paths reflect now-outdated organizational structures.

The following navigation tools can help you navigate the docs and find information.

User-focused landing page

The Data Platform landing page provides navigation to documentation organized by the major user tasks and use cases supported by the platform.

Page categories

Category metadata is easier to change than page structure, and it provides another means to explore related pages in this domain:

Subpage lists

Comprehensive list of all Wikitech pages that are subpages of the former top-level pages: /Analytics and /Data_Engineering.

Guidelines for maintaining these docs

TODO: Documentation maintenance guidelines