Data Engineering/Responding to Requests and Issues

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Responding to Reported Issues

  • The person on ops week duty is responsible for checking the slack channel and being the first line of response for all messages posted that require the team’s attention, whether they are marked as blocking issues or general inquiries
  • While we will instruct our colleagues to create a phabricator ticket and report issues via slack the same protocol applies for problems reported via IRC and email
  • All team members should assess the #data-engineering Slack channel at the beginning and end of their day
  • In case an issue is reported please acknowledge that you have read the problem, ask any clarifying questions, and engage the right persons on the team to help triage the problem
  • If it is assessed that there isn’t an underlying issue and is instead a user error, please provide the corresponding explanation
  • Please consider if there are any workarounds and share with the reporting party
  • If it is assessed that the issue is a critical incident that affects multiple users please follow the incident protocol
  • If the issue is non urgent or seems to require a significant amount of work, please bring it to the attention of the PM who will coordinate the work with the reporting team and prioritize

Responding to Requests

The request review and prioritization process is outlined in Miro.