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Data Engineering/Contact

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Contact Us

If you have questions about our work or the infrastructure we provide, you can contact us:

WMF staff:

  • Office Hours: Every two weeks on Tuesday at 15:00 UTC (to find the meeting details please, see the WMF staff calendar)
  • Slack: #data-engineering. For urgent notifications use the @data-engineering-team handle in your message

Reporting issues and making requests

Please use the following steps to report an issue with one of the systems, datasets, or pipelines  maintained by the data engineering team:

  • File a Phabricator bug report and tag it as data-engineering
  • In case this is an urgent blocking issue, post a note with the Phabricator link on the #data-engineering slack channel using the @data-engineering-team handle, indicating that it is a blocking issue.
  • If you don't have access to slack you can do so on the public IRC #wikimedia-analytics connect
  • To escalate further please use the contact information on office wiki to reach out to Emil Chetty or Olja Dimitrijevic
  • The team will aim to respond to all reported incidents within 2 hours of posting, between the hours of 9am and 9pm UTC, Mon-Fri. If you encounter an incident that requires urgent attention outside these hours, please use the escalation protocol.  At the time we will assess the urgency of the incident to determine if immediate action is required.
  • For new features and data requests, please use the data engineering request form.

Work organization

The Data Engineering team uses Phabricator to track its projects. The following tags are used to classify work within phabricator.

In addition to these regular tags we work across a number of different value streams, each with its own tag.

Plus a number of other tags related to major projects, such as