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This page contains historical information. It may be outdated or unreliable.

Cricket [1] is a graphing tool that we use to graph various statistics, along with Ganglia and MRTG.

Cricket is installed on Larousse and accessible from the web at address http://noc.wikimedia.org/~mark/cgi-bin/cricket/grapher.cgi. It resides in my homedir, /home/mark/cricket-config. The config tree (that defines monitoring targets) resides under /home/mark/cricket-config/config. After each change, a configuration database compile is required, using


Cricket obtains its data using a cron job that runs every 60 seconds:

* * * * * $HOME/cricket-config/collect-subtrees normal

Only subtrees listed in the file cricket-config/subtree-sets are monitored.

The web parts of Cricket live under /home/mark/public_html/cgi-bin/cricket (CGI programs) and /home/mark/public_html/cricket/images.

Subtree switch-ports

There exists a script to automatically generate or update the list of targets for all switch ports under the switchports tree. It is a slightly modified version of the listInterfaces script as contained in the Cricket distribution.

To update the switch port targets for a specific switch, go to the relevant directory and run the listInterfaces script:

cd /home/mark/cricket-config/config/switchports/csw1-chtpa
/home/mark/cricket-config/listInterfaces --cisco csw1-chtpa snmp-community > switchports

This will update the list with all current interfaces and switchports on the switch, including their interface descriptions.