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MRTG [1] is a polling tool (usually through snmp) that generate html pages and pictures.

Old system

Gwicke did most of the mrtg configuration. All files are somewhere /home/wikipedia/htdocs/wikimedia/stats/live/ , cron job is run in gwicke's personal crontab (somewhere in /var/spool/crontab/ ).

Some shell scripts are used as well:

seems to generate config files using browne's one as a base.
prepare aggregate view per week based on the per day one.
build the page for each squid.

New system

The old system is a bit hard to manage when new squids are added or removed. The idea is to use the dsh file that list squids to easily regenerate all configuration. Also logs / html / png should be split to avoid having a directory with thousand files.

Idea is to just have to update the dsh file, run a script and bam mrtg graphs for the squids are updated and live.

New system is in /home/wikipedia/htdocs/wikimedia/mrtg/ :

shell scripts to build the various configuration files
template and all configuration file generated
Output logs of mrtg split per configuration file

Automaticly generated by the MRTG script:

HTML pages
Round robin log file
temp files used by scripts

New system is not coded yet. Hashar is (nov. 3rd) working on it.

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