Create a Racktables server

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Moving/copying Racktables from one server to another:

  • Add the misc::racktables group to server
  • Copy the directory /srv/org/wikimedia/racktables from the old server to the new server
  • Reload apache
  • Look at the inc/secret.php file - it contains the password and database backend information. Securely store this information.
  • Backup the current database, in case of mishap.
  • If you are not naming the new host , got to the apache sites-available directory and edit the file to have the correct host name
  • go to https://newhost/install.php - click through the steps and put the correct backend database information in.

If you want to upgrade

  • If you want to upgrade to the (current as of 2011/12) .19 branch, you must first upgrade to .18.7 branch.
  • Grab the .tar.gz from the racktables repository. Untar this.
  • Copy the files over to the current directory. By default this is /srv/org/wikimedia/racktables
  • Go to https://newhost/upgrade.php - click through the steps again.

Upgrading to the .19 branch The .19 branch is special. When you unpack the tarball, you only need the wwwroot directory.

  • Copy the wwwroot directory to /srv/org/wikimedia/racktables
  • Go to https://newhost/index.php
  • Click on the upgrade link and through all of the steps.