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CRM and donations records.


  • srv9 - web frontend (SSL)
  • db1008 - (master of fundraising db cluster) backend


  • Apache+PHP
  • Drupal: Version 5.7
    • CiviCRM: Version 2.2.8
    • Customization of CiviCRM by David Strauss, as listed below:


  • This version went live August 2008 as the development server


dev.civicrm is a clone of civicrm circa August 2008 and retains the same confiugration. All application files are stored under


The only changes that exist between the two installations are present in


They includle


and within




New Database names are drupal5_dev & civicrm_dev


To access the databases, ssh to the dev server:

ssh -A

The dev databases are hosted on db1008.eqiad.wmnet. The databases are dev_drupal (for the drupal installation) and dev_civicrm (for the CiviCRM installation).

mysql -h db1008.eqiad.wmnet -p
show databases;
use dev_civicrm;
show tables;

To dump the current database:

mysqldump -h db1008.eqiad.wmnet -u <username> -p --single-transaction civicrm > civicrmdump.sql

Updating development copy paths following a database clone

After syncing the database with the live data, follow the following instructions:

The non-appearance of the search box on the development site is a result of a Drupal bug (maybe?) in block handling that doesn't like block types to change without a module re-install. This happens because we clone over the CiviCRM database but not the Drupal one.

CiviCRM code

To edit or update the CiviCRM code used by the dev server:

ssh -A
cd /srv/

Most of the modules can be found at:

cd /srv/