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Building OpenJDK 8 backports

From Wikitech
  • Sync it to the builder host
 http_proxy=http://url-downloader.wikimedia.org:8080 dget -x LINK_TO_OPENJDK.dsc
  • Add a changelog entry with "dch --bpo" (that should correctly set the distribution field to "jessie-backports" and update the version number by appending ~bpo8+1.
  • Regenerate the control/rules file to use dependencies available in jessie:
touch debian/control.in
debian/rules debian/control distrel=jessie
  • Rebuild for jessie (not jessie-wikimedia!) (preferrable in a screen session, the test suite run takes a long time):
DIST=jessie pdebuild
  • Test the package
  • Sign and upload to jessie-backports with dput $CHANGESFILE