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The WMF Apache access log format is derived from the cache log format. It has tab-separated fields.

Field# Description Details
1 time stamp The time at which the request started, in ISO 8601 format, according to the server's clock.
2 Request service time Integer number of microseconds
3 Client IP You might want to override this with the original client IP (field 17 below).
4 Request handler, HTTP status code The Apache request handler, then a slash, then the HTTP status code, e.g. cgi-script/200
5 Response size Size of response in bytes, excluding HTTP headers.
6 Request method GET, POST, etc
7 URL The URL, concatenated from the host header, the path and the query string. The protocol is always http, even if mod_ssl was used. In theory we could use SetEnvIf with "SSLOptions StdEnvVars", but the latter has a high performance overhead, according to the documentation.
8 Empty For compatibility with the cache log format, this field is always just a hyphen.
9 MIME content type The Content-Type response header
10 Referer header
11 X-Forwarded-For header This field should only be respected if the client IP (see above) is a known good IP (i.e.: in $wgSquidServersNoPurge of wmf-config/squid.php of operations/mediawiki-config).
12 User-Agent header
13 Accept_Language
14 X-Analytics General purpose header for instrumentation, which received its own page at X-Analytics.
15 User The username as determined by HTTP authentication
16 User: Response header The username as determined by the server and added as the HTTP User: header. Since 2019-03-20
17 Original client IP The original client IP as determined by mod_remoteip, which can walk X-Forwarded-For headers. This module currently needs to be configured on a per-site basis to give good results. If the module is not present, this will be a copy of field 3.
18 Request ID Internally we generate a request ID header, X-Request-Id, that should allow to trace a request across logs of various services. Since 2020-02-03