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This page describes how to make safe, non-identifying datasets, notebooks, or other research products public on the web in the directory. For guidelines on how to formally release an open dataset (with metadata and persistent identifiers), please refer to Data releases. For regular, structured, and maintained datasets, please see Analytics#Datasets.

This data is created by people studying private data on the WMF Analytics Cluster and aggregated so that it poses no privacy concern, then shared here.

If you're looking for data here, some of it may not be maintained or documented. If possible, please reach out to the authors of the data for help, or to Analytics/Team. If you're publishing data here, there are some guidelines in the README on the server:

To share data via this server just copy safe, non-identifying data to /srv/published/ on any of the Analytics clients. For example, reportupdater jobs copy their output to /srv/published/datasets/periodic/reports.