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The GLAMS tool, hosted in Wikimedia Toolforge, was developed by Wikimedia Italy to provide a simple wizard for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, to be able to receive large volumes of legally authorized materials, filter them, validate them, and bulk-upload them in Wikimedia Commons.

This is a prototype in Italian (narrow area), but in case of requests it will be translatable.

Anticipated traffic level

10-100 hits per day

Anticipated time span

3 years

Project status

not started yet

Contact address

User:Valerio Bozzolan, User:Mte90, User:Adert

Willing to take contributors or not

not willing

Subject area narrow or broad





Source code

Report a bug

Click here to create a new Task (automatically with at least one maintainer in copy):


SSH access

First, read Help:Accessing Cloud VPS instances. Then, run these commands:

ssh glams-testing.glams.eqiad1.wikimedia.cloud

Update from git repository

First, read #SSH access. Then, run this command:

cd /var/www/wmit-empowering-italian-glams
sudo su www-data -s /bin/bash
git pull

Run composer stuff

sudo su www-data -s /bin/bash
/opt/composer/composer.phar ...

Reset database from git repository

First, read #SSH access. Then, run this command: