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What was scholarships?

Wikimania scholarship application and review tools. See Wikimania Scholarships app for details.

How do i access it?


Where should i report issues?

Bugs are tracked in phabricator.

Where does it run?

The PHP application is deployed in an Apache vhost on krypton in the eqiad datacenter. SSL termination and front-end cache is provided by the cache_text cluster. The scholarships database is served from db1048.eqiad.wmnet.

Where's the code?

Code is hosted locally in gerrit and git
The application is configured in the operations/puppet repo:
  • modules/wikimania_scholarships
  • manifests/role/wikimania_scholarships.pp
  • manifests/misc/deployment.pp
  • templates/varnish/misc.inc.vcl.erb
Usernames and passwords are managed via the passwords::mysql::wikimania_scholarships class in the private puppet repository.

How is it deployed?

Deployment is managed with Scap3 from the /srv/deployment/scholarships/scholarships directory on Deploy1001

$ ssh deploy1001.eqiad.wmnet
$ cd /srv/deployment/scholarships/scholarships
$ get fetch origin
$ git rebase origin/master
$ scap deploy --verbose "message describing the deployment that will be !log'ed'"

TODO: explain applying db migrations and typical steps to reset state for a new year of applications

Where are the logs?

Logs are written to mwlog1001 in the /srv/mw-log/scholarships.log file by Udp2log

Was the scholarships app removed?

Yes, it was shut down on 2021-11-15 as part of phab:T243037.