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  • Add new addresses to the load balancers
  • test wiki access via new addresses
  • test image
  • test mail delivery
  • Use a well known host as smart host for mail delivery.
  • change DNS step by step. Secure.wm.o first, then images, then mail, then text
  • change /etc/ settings of all external hosts. The current aliases are only soft settings, won't survive a reboot
  • Change the addresses the YASEO and KNAMS systems use for forwarding
  • Change default routes of all external hosts
  • Wait for monday.

Places IPs need to be changed

  • NFS: suda, amane, khaldun
  • switches: bgp router-ip, NTP server, syslog server, DNS server
  • mail: $mynetworks on goeje
  • LVS: pybal config on avicenna for upload.pmtpa
  • all external hosts: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth*
  • external squids (srv6-srv10, will): virtual IPs
  • load balanced image squids need the new IP as alias on dev lo (/etc/rc.local)
  • MySQL: user permissions for our external IP hosts (zwinger, goeje, bart for secure.wm.o etc)
  • foreign squids: recreate the config file to update IPs from DNS