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What is an instance lifecycle?

Instances must be actively used, and in expected condition, to not be deleted.

Why do instances have a lifecycle?

Instances are allocated resources (storage, RAM, CPU, power). Over time these resources need to be reclaimed or continued use needs to be verified. Admins are often shuffling instances and compensating for growth. We periodically ensure projects and instances are active to this end.

Understanding project and/or instance removal

  • Notice will be sent to cloud via cloud-announce at least 2 weeks before any expected action is taken. Emergencies may require more immediate intervention.
  • If possible, instances will be suspended or shutdown for at least 2 weeks (a total of a month) before further unsolicited actions are taken to allow the tenant to notice.
  • No backups will be kept by Wikimedia Cloud Services
  • Inactive projects (those without instances or any responsive users) will be removed (along with their quota)

What are the responsibilities of project admins?

The WMCS team will always try to maintain the resources supporting active services. We will do our best to contact project admins before deleting instances or destroying data.

Project admins should delete unused instances, and notify Admins as soon as a project is no longer useful.

Project admins must subscribe to cloud-announce and cloud and take the maintenance or communication actions requested by the WMCS Admins. Failure to respond may result in unexpected loss of data or service interruptions.