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  • 12:09 dcaro: rebuilt image to pick up the latest procfile fixes (T355214)


  • 16:10 taavi: publish updated pywikibot-scripts-stable image for pywikibot 8.6 T354077


  • 11:57 wm-bot: <root> webservice restart


  • 08:58 Dvorapa: requested Pywikibot-gerritbot account on Toolforge - T186208
  • 08:22 Dvorapa: regenerating credentials to wikis - T245350


  • 05:19 legoktm: switch to PHP 7.2 webservice


  • 04:20 zhuyifei1999_: force a run of nightly script T200600
  • 04:13 zhuyifei1999_: recursively chown /data/project/pywikibot/public_html{,.old}/core/ to tools.pywikibot T200600
  • 04:13 zhuyifei1999_: recursively chown /data/project/pywikibot/public_html{,.old}/core/ to tools.pywikibot T200616

April 6

  • 12:11 Amir1: I created a system to clone Pywikibot-nightly-creator from github before every run.
  • 07:13 multichill: chmod +x /data/project/pywikibot/nightly-source/nightly so I can do a manual run. Amir1 changed something to make it fail automagically, but forgot to log it
  • 07:07 multichill: puzzled by the "/data/project/pywikibot//data/project/pywikibot/nightly-source/nightly: No such file or directory" emails. The crontab looks ok with "jsub -once -mem 1g /data/project/pywikibot/nightly-source/nightly > /dev/null"

November 15

  • 10:42 valhallasw`cloud: set up bigbrother for webservice

April 10

  • 19:30 valhallasw: pywikibugs: if checking the project fails, always notify #pywikipediabot and mention the exception

March 9

  • 02:36 valhallasw`cloud: nightlies unbroken on ptmpa; symlinks in /shared/pywikibot were already functional in eqiad. Migration complete! (hopefully...)
  • 02:30 valhallasw`cloud: pywikibugs bot online in eqiad now
  • 02:29 valhallasw`cloud: crontab re-activated on old tools-login to make sure nightlies, but same permissions error there. Trying a simple gc --aggressive first before re-cloning.
  • 02:25 valhallasw`cloud: compat re-cloned and re git gc --aggressive -ed (also subrepos). Nightlies are now working, and started webservice is available via
  • 02:17 valhallasw`cloud: Project had been migrated to eqiad. Nightly generation is broken due to permission errors. Re-cloning git repos.

February 23

  • 20:45 valhallasw: rebooted pywikibugs; down probably due to connection issues after the freenode DDOS, but nothing in the error logs