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This is an IRC conversation between some Wikimedia people, and bw, our friend from PowerMedium.

<TimStarling> we were just curious as to whether the building our precious servers are in can withstand a hurricane
<bw> i wouldn't worry about the building so much as power
<TimStarling> are there any windows near the servers?
<bw> there are no windows in the colo cage room
<TimStarling> I'd much rather have 2 racks full of servers dry, powerless servers than 2 racks full of waterlogged servers, if you know what I mean :)
<bw> there are small windows for smoke ventilation in the two main server rooms, the NOC and the hallway
<TimStarling> is the area prone to flooding?
<bw> but they have latching sealed things
<bw> erron says no
<bw> the building is 26 feet above sea level he says
<AnyFile> is it near the seaside?
<TimStarling> ok
<bw> we're about 15 blocks away
<TimStarling> you say you're worried about the power, presumably you have a diesel generator, are you worried about that failing? or are you just worried about an extended outage with no fuel supply?
<bw> neither, really
<TimStarling> just more worried than you are about the building collapsing, right? ;)
<bw> right
<bw> we rarely lose utility power from TECO. i think we have feeds from two grids, one of which is the same grid Tampa General Hospital is on
<bw> we have 2000 gallons of diesel in the new facility and 1000 across the street
<bw> and we just bought a tank trailer with electric pump for this kind of thing
<TimStarling> sounds good
<TimStarling> ok, thanks for that
<bw> no problem
<brion> yay