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gitlab-phabricator listens for GitLab project update events, looks for Phabricator bug ids in them, and posts comments to those tickets as appropriate.

How it works

At we configured a system hook which sends all 4 types of events (repository update, push, tag, merge request) to A secret token is included in the notifications. gitlab-phabricator examines the events looking for Phabricator bug ids. For each bug id found, a comment is added to the corresponding ticket describing the event (for certain event types).

Bug ids are accepted in the following format:

Bug: T12345

There can be multiple Bug: entries per commit message, one per line.

The `Bug: T...` format is accepted as it's the legacy format used in Gerrit.

Administration is hosted on Toolforge. To administer it you must be listed as a maintainer of the tool. Ask an existing administrator to give you access. When you have access you can do:

user@tools-sgebastion-10:~$ become gitlab-webhooks

The repo is cloned at www/python/src. The config.yaml file in this directory contains the runtime configuration (including the Phabricator URL, the Phab username and token to use when making comments). config.yaml contains secrets, so make sure it always has mode 0600.

If you make code or configuration changes (e.g., by pulling down new code by running git pull) you must restart the webservice for the changes to take effect. You can do this by running ~/restart.


gitlab-phabricator is maintained by the mw:Wikimedia Release Engineering Team.